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Accurate job measurements with Point-to-Point (P2P) technology

The Leica Disto S910 Pro pack includes everything you need to get the most out of and S910. Included with the S910 are the TRI 70 tripod, GZM3 Target plate, Leica carrying case, and the new FTA 360-S.

Easily and rapidly measure distances between any two points from one location with Smart Base, a biaxial pivot integrated with the circuit board and our key hardware innovation. No more hassling with tape measures and obstructions; with the revolutionary P2P Technology , Leica Disto S910 allows you to carry out complex measurement tasks quickly, accurately, and safely – even if the area you need to measure is hard to reach.

Leica DISTO S910 Features

  • Digitally self-levels
  • Manual positioning of laser point
  • Real-time video on laser head
  • Crosshair target finder in video (great for outdoor use)
  • 4x zoom lens (great for distance measuring)
  • Takes digital photographs for jobsite verification
  • Wi-fi connections
  • Rechargeable battery via USB
  • 2+1 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Real-time display of measurements as drawings on the laptop screen
  • Measures up to 984’ from a single location (300 Meters)
  • Accuracy: 1/16″ for recommended applications

Leica DISTO™ S910 seamlessly links with CABINET VISION

CABINET VISION directly links with the Leica DISTO S910 to provide an integrated job measurement solution. Connect the S910 to your computer using a WiFi connection, then choose the Leica utility from within CABINET VISION to take any room measurements with point and shoot ease. As you are taking the room measurements, CABINET VISION is automatically drawing walls, placing doors, windows, outlets and fixtures in the job.

Leica Distro S910

Not yet a CABINET VISION user? Ask us about powerful Measure manager™ software to get the most out of your laser measuring system.

ETemplate Measure manager™ is a comprehensive 2D and 3D software system for the S910 and 3D Disto. Measure Manager collects 3D measurements from the devices in real time and creates CAD geometry as you measure, or verifies 3D measurements to the original 3D CAD model. Colors, layers, notes, geometry creation and editing, dimensioning and more are all part of the system.

Features of Measure Manager™ 3D:

  • Fully integrated 3D and 2D capability
  • Measures points, lines, arcs, circles, rectangles, splines, polylines, planes, and distances
  • Measure and model any complex 3D freeform space
  • Import 2D or 3D DXF models of design for verification in the shop or field
  • Establish and collect data for infinite number of 2D planes.
  • Allows 3D data to be snapped to 2D planes for better CAD manipulation
  • Collect any number of points desired to create ‘best fit’ geometry for improved fit and installation
  • Creates complete 3D CAD/BIM models of any space for design, fabrication and installation requirements
  • Automatically scans profile data between any two points
  • Automatically scans grid or points
  • Optional cabinet layout module for integrating with cabinet design software
  • Exports DXF/DWG/IGS to any CAD
  • Extensive CAD functionality (drawing/editing/detailing)
  • Defines XYZ coordinate system to datum line for any other desired location
  • Automatically converts splines into lines and arcs for CNC use
  • Measures in Imperial or Metric

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Leica DISTO™ S910  and 3D Disto comparison chart

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