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Block Nesting

The Block Nesting add-on allows you to nest full sheets of parts including operations such as line boring, dados, drawer guide holes, etc. Create nests for an entire job in seconds!

S2M Center’s Nesting solutions offer superior small part handling. The S2M Center’s “onion skin and return onion skin” technology for small part handling provides maximum vacuum hold-down while maintaining superior edge finish, as well as machine times up to 50% faster than other comparative nesting solutions.

S2M Center remains at the forefront of technological innovation in the Woodworking Industry by introducing linked part outline (bridging) functionality. Bridging offers superior small part handling as well as an additional 20% reduction in typical machine cycle times. This equates to a 70% overall reduction in cycle time over the classic small part handling approach! Bridging also extends tool life by reducing the number of plunges (Lead-Ins) from once for every Part to once for every sheet. Bridges are created by linking the outline cuts for all the parts in the nest together creating one lead-in, which cuts the outline of all the parts in the nest before leading out. Unlike other time saving options in the industry, such as common line cutting, the S2M Center’s bridging method completely outlines each part giving every edge of the Part the bits full attention. Bridging offers superior edge quality (which common line cutting does not), while at the same time dramatically reducing cycle times by removing the need for multiple lead-ins and lead-outs for each part.


Label-IT™ technology enables the Saw/CNC Operator to clearly visualize the panel as the labels are printed “on-demand” and placed on the parts. This labeling system is ideal for Nested-based manufacturing as well as traditional manual and NC panel saws.

Parts can be easily selected by simply touching the screen. Labels are printed instantly, and the screen is updated automatically to show exactly which parts and panels have been completed. Easy to read graphic labels are printed for each part. With full Label design capabilities you have complete control over what data is presented on the Label. In conjunction with the full S2M Center you can easily add bar-codes for each part that requires secondary machining (such as with a Point-To-Point or CNC Drill and Dowel machines) for easy flow from one process to the next.

*Requires Nesting or Panel Optimizer Add-On

NC Panel Optimizer

The Panel Optimizer allows you to maximize your material yield and reduce your waste.

Fully integrated with Cabinet Vision and Cabnetware it allows you to quickly and easily convert your cut lists into patterns for import directly to your NC Panel saw or printed patterns you give directly to your manual sawyer. With built-in Offcut Management the system will instruct your sawyer which Offcuts to utilize from job to job maximizing material utilization. The Panel Optimizer also includes built-in links to nearly all NC Saws on the market.

*Requires Workcell solution for S2M Standard

Real-Time Label Image

Many newer generation CNC Routers and NC Saws include their own on-board “real-time” labeling solutions.

The Real-Time Label Image add-on will allow you to design your part labels inside the S2M Center with all of the available information you need to communicate; including an image of the part. These “labels” are then converted to image files which can be printed in “real-time” utilizing your CNC Router and/or Saw’s built-in Labeling system.

TrueShape™ Nesting

 The TrueShape™ Nesting add-on is a geometric nesting solution which optimizes rectangular and irregular shaped parts together.

Parts are rotated into position interlocking shapes together to maximize material yield. This add-on also allows you to nest parts inside of other parts for maximum yield. This add-on requires the Block Nesting add-on and takes full advantage of all the Block Nesting features including Onion Skins, Return Onion Skins, and Bridging!

*Requires Nesting solution for S2M Standard

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