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Getting Started in the CNC World

Our entry level solution, S2M Center Essential, offers just the right capabilities for your introduction into the CNC world.

The seamless integration when paired with Cabinet Vision allows for a cost effective means to communicate either with your Nesting machine or Workcell (Panel Saw and Point-To-Point). Whether taking job input from Cabinet Vision or via DXF import, Screen to Machine™ Essential can automatically process your part geometries and produce machine ready G-Code to send straight to your machinery, saving you time and eliminating costly errors. Get started on your path to success.

Key Features

  • Pure G-Code Tailored for your Machine
  • Basic Individual DXF Import
  • Integrated Label Reports
  • Integrated Reporting
  • Check Sheet Sizes to Fit Machine
  • Pattern Diagram Print Outs
  • Automatic Tooling and Toolpath Generation
  • Pocketing of Rectangles and Circles
  • Basic Toolpath Simulation
  • Ability to Control Lead-In/Out Offsets
  • Linked Part Outline (Bridge) Nesting
  • Intelligent Small Part Handling (Tabs, Onionskins, Return Onionskins)
  • Combine Operations on Part Edge with Part Outline

Two options for S2M Essential:

For Nested Based Manufacturing

Allows you to output Nested Patterns utilizing either DXF Output to your favorite 3rd Party CAM Application or directly to your CNC Machine using our Screen to Machine™ technology.

For Workcell

Includes Saw Optimization communicated directly to virtually any NC panel saw on the market.

General Features

Label IT

Machine Catalog

Tool Catalog

Discovering the CNC world for the first time? Fill out a needs assessment so that our consultants can help you choose the right module.  

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