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Custom Unit of Issue On Material Summary

In this video I discuss how to change the unit of issue for a specific material. Instead of listing out the all of the materials I want to use, I create a custom group, and put a unit of issue restriction on the report. With that setup, I can add multiple new materials to the group and the report will work with them automatically. The restrictions set, in this video, are as follows: 1. A new group has to be created and all materials, that need this custom unit of issue, MUST be placed there 2. The unit of issue set on the materials MUST be SQ M. You can change these restrictions as needed to suit your needs however. The software tools used in this video are (not including OS and Cabinet Vision): * Notepad ++ ( * Flyspeed SQL Query ( If you use the above mentioned tools, please support the people that make them...they are awesome tools (at an amazing price) and people have to work hard to make them (Notepad++ is free, but donate if you can :))
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