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Commercial Millwork Videos

 Our submittals database will save you over 2000 hrs of customization work and provide an out-of-the-box experience that will have your machines cutting right after installation.  Professional submittal drawings; kept up to date with the latest North American Architectural Woodwork Standards (NAAWS) standards.

Included Benefits:

  • The database plus 16 online hours for installation and training
  • All the construction methods needed for a commercial millwork project, ex. Euro Confirmat, blind dado, die wall, lock dowel etc.
  • A complete array of User Created Standards (UCS) designed for the millwork industry; DieWall, ADA suspended sink base, KV wall shelving, closet shelf (brackets, rods, and flanges), AutoText material callouts and submittals (incl. TBD material schedules), and more.

Die wall

AutoText Material callouts

AutoText Submittals

ADA Suspended sink base

KV Wall Shelving with bookends and drop edges

Closet Shelf (with bracket, rod, and flanges)

Counter top brackets

Cabinet door and drawer locks

Division 6 Submittal Legend Callout Method

export CV10 3D to Sketchup

Database Feature Microwave Cabinets

Database Feature Extruded Aluminum Edge Pulls

Database Feature Adjustable Shelf Supports

Converting your Architect’s PDF to a 2d DWG AutoCAD Drawing

Converting your Architect’s PDF to a 2d DXF for importing in CV9

Converting your AutoCAD drawing to a 2d DXF for importing in CV9

Database Quick Overview showing some features

Hexagon MI CMYK Distributor STANDARD 1
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