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14Jul 21
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Get out and play!

By Planit Canada President, Peter Mate In Quebec, we have an annual construction holiday. It’s usually the last 2 weeks in July, and there are certainly pros and cons to…

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16Jun 21
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Technological Bull

You don’t need to be tech-savvy or have a background in 3D rendering to use VORTEK Spaces and take your business to the next level - the technology is here now. You just have to take the bull by the horns! Do it before your competition figures out how easy it is.
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27May 21
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Let’s Take This Behind the Screen

Lessons learned from 2 virtual shop tours with WEB-CAB's Production Assistant. If you missed our WEB-CAB virtual factory tour, here are some key questions and answers from the presentation that…

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19May 21
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Start somewhere, but start

Written by Peter Mate, President of Planit Canada, for Woodworking Canada. Start somewhere but start. We don’t need to achieve perfection to start. Time and time again it’s been shown…

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08Apr 21
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by Katrina Legault, Planit Canada Marketing Coordinator It all seems very obvious. You purchase the domain, you build it up, you hit publish and you move on. Maybe you make…

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