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We’ll Come To You!

We understand that integrating new software and going through the learning process to use it can seem daunting, but our team is here to guide you every step of the way throughout the implementation process.

Planit Canada specialists provide invaluable onsite training to bring your new or existing employees to a higher skill level with our cutting edge software in both English and French. And when you’re ready to upgrade to a new module, we will be there to ensure a smooth integration and comprehensive training for your team.

Planit Canada Training Courses

While our training can be customized to your needs, we’ve provided an outline of a typical beginner level and advanced level courses below.

Beginner Training
  • Material Manager: Importing new textures, creating/editing new panels and banding
  • Material Schedule: Creating a schedule for assembly, door
  • Door Catalog: Add a new door style, assigning materials to doors
  • Construction Wizard: Adding a new construction method from start to finish.
  • Designing a kitchen: Adding cabinets, appliances, floors and countertops, and moldings to a basic kitchen layout.
  • Customizing a cabinet: Changing internal and external cabinet components and dimensions.
  • Reports: Generating a cut list, door list and material summary with cost.
  • Drawings: Adding a company logo/title block; adding Elevation, floorplans, Cabinet Details, and using CAD tools for customers or shop floor.
  • 3D renderings: Changing the different types of renderings, adjusting lights and room views.
  • Advanced Shape Editor Advanced – use of constraints – some examples.
Advanced Training
  • New Features of the latest version of Cabinet Vision
  • Construction Wizard
  • Assembly Editor
  • Advanced Shape Editor – no constraints – into to screen, how to use construction and shape layers, how to use CAD tools, point locking, several examples for shaping Cabinets
  • Object Intelligence – Nine Basic Parameters, how to determine the source of an issue, user modified, UCS modified.
  • UCS Demo
  • Import Sketchup Model
  • Advanced 3D rendering
  • Advanced Drawing for Millwork
  • Material Manager and Schedules – Advanced Ultimate Functions – Composite, Kits, Models
  • MDF Doormaker (Add on for all modules – included with Ultimate)
  • Report Center – Editing / Modifying Report documents
  • Parameters – Advanced
  • UCS

Please contact us at 888-824-1474 x715 or to schedule a training or support session.

Not sure about your support needs? Call us, we would be happy to assess your need and provide a solution to keep you on the right track.

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