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Planit Canada Seminars

Planit Canada holds learning seminars in the Spring and Fall across Canada. The multi-day training seminars offered range from the basics for new users to advanced skills for experienced users as well as courses specifically for designers. Our seminars are offered in both English and French, depending on the region you are located in.

Check out the seminars feed on the right to find out the next seminar coming to your area or speak with your regional Planit Canada Sales Representative to request one near you.

Upcoming Seminars

Our typical course curriculums are as follows:


The fundamentals for new users or a refresher for existing users

  • CABINET VISION components
  • The System Preferences
  • Material Manager: Import new textures, create, edit new panels and banding
  • Material Schedule: Create a schedule for assembly, door, counter top, drawer box and roll out
  • Door Catalog: Add a new door style, assign materials to doors
  • Overview of Building a Job
  • Place and modify Walls
  • Place Cabinets
  • Place Countertops
  • Place Molding

Advanced skills for experienced users

  • The Nine Basic Parameters
  • The Object Tree
  • Add a new Part
  • Add Intelligence to a Part
  • Create and manipulate Attributes
  • Save an Object with Intelligence and custom Attributes
  • Create and save a Library Parts with Intelligence
  • Introduction to UCS
  • Manipulate Parts using a UCS
  • Library Parts and UCS
  • Add conditions to UCS
  • Create operations (Route, Hole) using a UCS
CABINET VISION Designer Training

For new and experienced designers

  • Design a kitchen: Adding cabinets, appliances, floors and countertops, and moldings to a kitchen layout
  • Customize a cabinet: Changing internal, external cabinet components and dimensions
  • 3D rendering: Changing the different types of renderings, adjusting lights and room views
  • Layers: customize layers and dimension styles
  • Drawing: Add a company logo/title block; add Elevation, floorplans, Cabinet Details, and use CAD tools for customers or shop drawings
  • 3D rendering: Export to VORTEK Spaces
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