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A High-Impact Visualization Solution

VORTEK Spaces is an amazing, easy-to-use interactive and 3D visualization platform for your sales team. Designers and architects can use their favorite CAD software to design, then use VORTEK Spaces to help sell the concept.

Watch these videos to understand the benefits VORTEK Spaces brings to your
design & sales experience:

Import your project… and run wild with colors and materials.

Imagine giving your customers the ability to truly perceive space and depth, explore interior designs, and better envision the surface materials of their projects. Use VORTEK Spaces to create stunning personalized videos and other media to inspire and immerse your customers.

CV Kitchen Lights1

Discover how to turn your project into a live 3D interactive experience in no time!

Capitalize on the benefits that VORTEK Spaces delivers to your design and sales experience; access a 15-day free trial when you sign up for a plan.

VORTEK Spaces Benefits

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  • Load your CABINET VISION project, add lights, and configure your materials and you’re done in minutes
  • What you see is what you get: modify light parameters and materials live in real time
  • Visit and walk through your project in 3D
  • Gone are the days of having to wait for 3D renderings to be generated
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Focus on sales

  • Select & change materials instantly from our library of real suppliers
  • Change real supplier materials instantly to confirm design choices (our videos)
  • Sales people can run VORTEK Spaces on a computer without having any CAD software installed
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Built-in sharing

  • Create stunning personalized videos and other assets quickly
  • Take screen captures in seconds
  • Record videos and even 360 videos in minutes
  • Share your multimedia assets with your customers by email and on social media in one click
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  • VORTEK Spaces can be branded with your logo and colors and only provide your material library selections. Your material library will always be up-to-date and synchronized across your network.
  • Limitless showroom
  • Interactive 3D walkthrough
  • Live interactive lighting control
  • IES light profiles
  • Instant material changes
  • High-quality material library
  • Custom waypoints
  • Sketches and other camera effects
  • Screenshots, videos (including 360 views) to share projects
  • Direct email and social media sharing
  • 3D TV support
  • Always up-to-date through the Windows Store

Extend your showroom or sales office

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360 interaction on tablets

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VR headset support


$112 CAD / month (based on an annual subscription
plan for a single license) with a 15 day free trial.
Click here to learn more

Contact us today to learn more about VORTEK Spaces.

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