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You Know You’re Good. We Are Too. Let’s Work Together To Shine.

If you’re looking for a small organization that thinks big, we have the challenge for you. Planit Canada Inc. is a leading provider of software solutions servicing the woodworking industry throughout Canada. Our clients go from one to two person shops, small businesses employing 20 to 30 people to multi-national corporations. Our solutions are scalable to fit the needs of our clients and help their business grow. Our proven experience in our market and our time-tested and internationally distributed solutions ensure the highest standards for our community of users.


Our motto is “Be Awesome” and we live it every day. What does that mean for our staff? It means working with some of the most innovative woodshops and up-to-the-minute technology. It means having a flexible schedule and possibly working from home. It means being part of a tight-knit team that is aligned to provide great service to our clients. We like to have fun! We have annual retreats for learning and team-building purposes. Ask us about our recent retreat to Silicon Valley, the hub of new tech…

Our Vision

“…is to eliminate any task that is detrimental to creativity, productivity or profitability so that all Canadian woodworkers can get back to the business of making beautiful things, enjoying their lives, and loving their families. In short, we want our entire extended family to BE AWESOME in every way.”

Current Positions Available

Working at Planit!

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Get out and play!

By Planit Canada President, Peter Mate In Quebec, we have an annual construction holiday. It’s…

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