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Our technicians are constantly developing new tools to make your life easier. Our team at Planit Canada has developed a few hardware packages available for all of our customers.

With Cabinet Vision hardware packages, users can drop their favorite hardware into design drawings, change drawer depth and enjoy watching the drilling operations and material summary update automatically for error-free machining, costing and bidding.

More packages are available on the Cabinet Vision eSupport Forum.

Grass Version V11

Download Packages & Instructions

NovaPro Drawer System


DynaPro-DynaMoov Undermount Slides

NovaPro Drawer System

Vionaro Drawer System

Download the Vionaro Instructions here

Tiomos Hinge System

Download the Tiomos instructions here

Nexis Hinge System

Quaturis Corner System

Kinvaro Lifter

Download the Kinvaro instructions here

Download Grass Version 11 here

Grass Version V10

Download Packages & Instructions

Hettich V9L_0

Download Packages & Instructions



ArciTech (Limited)
Color: Anthracite
Guide: Actro Silent System

  • H94
  • H186 Railing
  • H186 DesignSide
  • H218 Railing
  • H218 DesignSide
  • H250 Railing
  • H282 Railing

Atira (Limited)
Color: Silver
Guide: Quadro V6 Silent System

  • H70
  • H144 Railing
  • H176 Railing

Download Hettich V9L_0 here

Nüvo Version 11

Download Packages & Instructions



Nuvo-pro Double Wall System drawer & Rollouts

  • White
  • Silver

Soft-close Full Extension Undermount Guides

Download Nüvo Version 11 here

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