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Thank you to our awesome community of users for sharing testimonials about the benefits their woodworking operation has gained through their use of Planit Canada solutions and support!

Isabelle Parent

Cabinet Vision technician
Armoires Cuisines Action

Jenny and Mark were great. Their explanations were clear, and I will be able to resolve the problem by myself if I get it again. Thank you so much for the great service!

Cameron Kezama

Project Manager
Third Dimension Millwork

Dennis is awesome, very knowledgeable about Cabinet Vision and the connecting technology. Very productive session yet again, thank you.

Raymond Wildeman

Fair Way Woods Ltd.

Christine actually answered the phone and it made for a quick and painless solution. Talking to a real person is monstrously huge for me. Thanks!

Sarah Norman

CAD Team Lead
Draks Interior Door Systems

Cabinet Vision is a vital and integral part of our design and manufacturing. In fact, it’s our sole system.

Lyle Bartlett

Bartlett Cabinetry

Just do what Cabinet Vision can do. If you really take advantage of the capabilities of the software, it makes all the difference.

Ramsey Yousif

Ramco Enterprises

Initially, materials and cutlists were my entire justification for getting the software. Now, I couldn’t live without it.

Laurie Brasnett

Laurie B. Style

Very nice service right from beginning. Your competitors have much to learn from your service techs.

Kenneth Noronha

KenPride Custom Woodworking Inc

I would like to thank Ewald and Mark E. for responding so quickly. And Christine for the professional help. She is very good and knowledgeable at what she does.

Josee Bellefeuille

Directrice expérience clients


Jake Gregory

Business Development Manager

We’re averaging eight full jobs a day, compared to four previously. And we now have the capacity to accommodate for even more customers

Marc Hinkley

Managing Director
Creative Woodwork

You may have the best software in the world, but if you have an issue with it you expect it to be resolved quickly. And with Cabinet Vision we always get that.

Joe Boyington

CNC Programmer/Furniture Manufacturer
Caribe Inc

Cabinet Vision is a time saver in pretty much every way. From start to finish, everything you do in it allows you to get to work faster.

Rif Nizam

IT Consultant
Kitchen Art Design

Outstanding Service, looking forward to work with the Tech soon.

Ed Corbett

IT Consultant
Braam’s Custom Cabinets

Dealt with many Techs over the last 2 months for varying reasons, all have been extremely helpful.

Chris Ayres

Project manager
Adam Christiaanse

Thank you for your help, the new machine integration and software update was completed successfully.

John Dunne

Mother Hubbards Cupboards

Cabinet Vision provides a win, win, situation – I love the designing side of the business, and it’s the closest customers will see what their kitchen’s going to be like without it actually being there.

Yohiaki Ogata

Project Manager
SOFO Kitchens

We use testimonials and word of mouth. VORTEK Spaces helps us close sales because people are so impressed with the way it looks. It’s just more professional, so it makes us look good.

Scott Davis

Scott Davis Cabinetmakers

When you put the whole package together, it’s like having another person in the shop … Everything that we make is so custom, and Cabinet Vision is so customizable, that the flexibility of the software lends itself to a high-end atmosphere.

Adam Gatto

Cabinet Maker / Designer
The Bar Store Inc.

Nice guy, really friendly and knowledgeable with the program and back workings of it. Helpful for what the program allowed him to accomplish.

Bill Reid

The Closet Factory

Cabinet Vision and the CNC router have increased our productivity exponentially. Depending on the size of the job, we can potentially have an order out the next day and we could never do that cutting by hand.

Chris Rothan

Vice president
George J. Rothan Millwork Company

If you’re a mid-sized company that has Cabinet Vision and CNC machinery, you’re seeing at least a 25 percent time savings compared to a company that doesn’t.

Drew Jones

Development Manager
GCW Custom Kitchens & Cabinetry Inc.

When she saw it she began to cry, saying how beautiful it was. Quite the reaction! We are excited about how that (VORTEK Spaces) will affect our sales.

If you are interested in more information concerning our customers’ transformative experiences with the Cabinet Vision solutions offered by Planit Canada, please check out our case studies.

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