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Every Business Has Its Own Unique Needs and Challenges

CABINET VISION is the leading and most widely used software technology for the woodworking industry. When integrated with essential cabinet shop software solutions such as the advanced CAM software ALPHACAM and the effective Production Assistant WEB-CAB, you can maximize its full potential. Our innovative and scalable solutions, combined with our excellent training and support, are an unbeatable advantage for growing your business. And we’re here to support that growth with services designed to save you time and keep your operations running efficiently.

In today’s complex marketplace, no single solution is just right for everyone. Your business should be no exception. That’s why Planit Canada provides a range of services that can be tailored to suit your specific needs and help you maintain control of your daily operations.

CABINET VISION Library Creation

Streamline your manufacturing process from field to factory.

You’ve created a line of cabinets and want your dealers and salespeople to be able to easily implement it into their designs.  Now you’re ready to take it to the next level.

CABINET VISION Library Creation will help you convert your line of cabinets into an intelligent library with the manufacturing data built into each part.  Your dealers can now complete a job by simply dragging and dropping from this smart catalog into their designs.  And once the customer signs off, they will send the job to your manufacturing facility, ready to be built. Forget lost time re-engineering, all the information needed to send the job to the shop floor or your CNC machinery is built right in.

With this process you’ll deliver to the customer in record time, and keep them coming back for more.


The information you want, exactly how you want it.

Sure, your software comes with a lot of built in reports and you can pull plenty of data out of it.  But what happens when you want to customize that data or arrange it in different formats?

That’s where CABINET VISION Custom Reports come in.  We can help you to create any type of custom report you can think of.  Our team of developers will pull the information you want, and display it in the formats you need.

CABINET VISION Custom Programming

Customized solutions for your custom business.

Your organization is so successful based on its unique value to the industry, so why should you use the same standardized system as the competition?

CABINET VISION Custom Programming leverages the combined experience of our custom development staff, an extensive set of proven tools, and an analytical consultative approach to problem solving in order to provide a stable, scalable, and reliable solution tailored to your unique business.

Whether your goal is to streamline repetitive tasks, build a custom interface between software platforms, or to improve efficiency in your production process; CABINET VISION’s service team is here to help you get the results you need from your software implementation.

Custom programming options available through Cabinet Vision’s Services include:

UCS applications for CABINET VISION

CABINET VISION is designed with you in mind, and through the use of User Created Standards we can mold the application even further to meet your business needs and give you a truly unique solution.

Custom Post Processors

Fine tune your CNC output to maintain maximum machinery efficiency, yield, and quality in the shortest possible time.

Additional Custom Manufacturing Solutions

Have something else in mind? Contact us to schedule your free initial consultation and learn how CABINET VISION can help turn your idea into action.


Proven experience working for you.

You know what you want your business to become. The trouble is managing the day to day operations and still having time to put together a strategic, longer term plan. With all of your daily responsibilities, it is even more difficult to put that plan into action.

By choosing CABINET VISION Consulting to assist you in your strategic assessment and planning, you benefit from our combined experiences and knowledge, market leading technologies and fresh ideas. We will help you implement tactics and applications that will allow your company to reach its true potential and exceed your expectations.

So whether you are a small business wanting to grow or a large company seeking to streamline your production processes,
Planit Canada will work with you to customize a solution that fits your business. Your success is our top priority.

Please note that…

Customizations to reports, posts, User Created Standards (UCS’s), libraries, etc. to solve for specific customer needs and requirements available through CABINET VISION’s Professional Service Program are created to work with the latest version of software available. CABINET VISION’s Professional Service Manager will advise you if a version upgrade is required and/or recommended prior to the onset of the project in order for you to benefit from this value added service. Please note that customizations made to reports, posts, UCS’s, libraries, etc. may require continued maintenance to continue working properly with new versions of the software. Your initial purchase for any type of customization does not cover continued maintenance of the solution provided. There will be additional maintenance fees to upgrade your customization to work with the latest releases of the software.

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