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5 Tips For Migrating To CABINET VISION 2021

5 Tips for Migrating to CABINET VISION 2021

Our service team has helped a lot of people migrate from older versions of CABINET VISION to the latest. In their collective decades of experience, they’ve found ways to avoid the common pitfalls and errors that can lead to production delays.

Here are some tips to help ensure your transition to the latest version won’t cause unnecessary delays, headaches and expense.

Booking an hour now can save hours of emergency tech support time later.

We suggest booking a 1-hour consultation with Senior Software Specialist, Christopher Manclière, who will be able to look at your setup and your UCSs.  He will be able to estimate the amount of time it will take to make any adjustments needed to migrate to the new version and flag anything that might cause problems.

It’s worth waiting for the Canadian Database.

The Canadian Database is always ready a few weeks after the release of the latest version. We’ll send you another email when that build is ready for download.  In addition to the Canadian French translation, this database includes features tailored to the needs of shops in Canada.  It includes new cabinets and assemblies that makes it easier to build floating shelves and mitered fillers. Guides and drawer construction methods such as the Tandem 560H and the Metabox 320 by Blum, as well as the Vionaro by Grass have all been updated for the new release.

Don’t go right to production. Test first!

We strongly recommend doing preliminary testing before migrating all your licenses. Install the latest version at a secondary station, if available, and run only small jobs through it. This is fantastic way to trial new functionality, troubleshoot and check in on any custom work or UCSs you might have. There are lot of updates in version 2021 that could have unexpected effects on your setup.

Don’t go right to your network.

If you are running CABINET VISION on a network – do NOT download the latest version at a station connected to the network, as this will cause difficult-to-resolve issues for your network.

Make a copy of your project before opening in the latest version.

Finish all your existing projects on the earlier version. If you want to open an existing project in the latest version, please make sure to make a copy. Once opened in the latest version the project will not work in the older version.

That’s our best advice! Once you are confident that all small jobs running through the latest version are working as expected, you can go ahead and install the latest version at all stations.

If you follow that process, then installing the latest version poses minimal risk. You will still have both the new and the earlier version of the software on your computer(s).

We’d love to help with your version migration!

Contact our team to book your consultation and ensure an easy transition to CABINET VISION 2021.

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