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It Just Got Easier To Decorate Your Cabinet Vision Rooms With Catalog Furniture

It Just Got Easier to Decorate Your Cabinet Vision Rooms with Catalog Furniture

Best Canadian 3D Warehouse Furniture Catalogs for Cabinet Vision

When it comes to your renders, whether residential or commercial – it’s never a good idea to leave things to the imagination.  You know your kitchen project is more likely to sell if that dining room table and chairs look just as good as the cabinets and countertop. So, which are the best SketchUp 3D Warehouse catalogs to use in your Cabinet Vision job?

We’ve got a shortlist of great catalogs from Canadian distributors you can import into Cabinet Vision from SketchUp’s 3D Warehouse:

These are great and will render well in PhotoVision.  If you’d like some tips for importing SketchUp objects, read our blog Top 3 Tips for Importing SketchUp Objects into Cabinet Vision.  You’ll also find some links to hardware catalogs you can put to good use.

But Wait… It Gets Easier

With VORTEK Spaces, you will soon be able to skip the import into Cabinet Vision altogether.  With this add-on rendering tool, you will soon have catalog items that can be placed directly into your render.

No need to optimize the SketchUp object for Cabinet Vision, no need to weigh down your CVJ file. With VORTEK Spaces, you upload your Cabinet Vision file and automatically generate a 3D render and video walkthrough.  Lighting, accessories and furniture can be added afterwards to glam up your design.  The new integration will make it even easier to decorate your space with stylish furniture your client will connect with.

If you aren’t familiar with VORTEK Spaces, it is a live rendering tool that will dramatically speed up your sales process and increase your closing rate.  How?  By quickly generating jaw-dropping renders and walkthroughs that allow you to change colors and materials on the fly, right there in front of your client if you wish.  No need to schedule another meeting with your prospect (ie. Possibly lose the sale) just to re-render the project with a slightly lighter countertop or a slightly darker wood grain.

Let’s Share

Have any questions about rendering or about importing objects into Cabinet Vision?  Reach out to our genius service team for help at . We’d also love to hear if you have a go-to catalog you love to work with.  We’ll add it to this blog and give you credit for the share!

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