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Making A COVID Box Using Cabinet Vision

Making a COVID Box Using Cabinet Vision

Manufacturers are answering the call to help protect our medical workers by dedicating their manpower and their machines to construct personal protective equipment that will help stop the spread of COVID-19. For woodworkers, navigating these uncharted waters presents some challenges.  Knowing what to make, who to make it for and how to apply for government funding is all new. Learning how to cut acrylic, using their CNC router and Cabinet Vision, is the part of the equation that Planit Canada can help with.

The COVID box, or intubation box, is designed, built, tested and distributed to Canadian hospitals by a Toronto-based team of volunteer physicians and engineers.  They’ve made the CAD drawings and parts list freely available on their website ( Our own Christopher Manclière, Senior Software Specialist at Planit Canada, created the box in Cabinet Vision and has made the drawings available here (click to download for Cabinet Vision versions 11 and 12).  If you have a CNC Router and can get a ¼ tool to cut Acrylic (Polycarbonate), then you can start building these flat-packed boxes. If you want advice for dealing with plastics, see our recent post, ‘9 Tips for Cutting Acrylic Using Cabinet Vision’.


We caution all manufacturers against getting stuck with product they can’t move.  Please ensure you’ve gone through the correct channels before producing any personal protective equipment for medical workers.  If you aren’t sure where to turn, our industry associations are hard at work collecting and sharing relevant and up-to-the-minute information and can help direct you to Provincial and Federal resources.

We’d love to hear what your team is working on and how we can help!  Planit Canada is providing complimentary technical assistance for projects contributing to the effort to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  If your team is producing personal protective equipment (PPE) and requires help setting up for production with Cabinet Vision, our team is here to help – free of charge. Reach out to us at to talk about designing and engineering for the COVID-19 effort.

For more information on the intubation box itself, visit, or read this article from the New England Journal of Medicine

You can read the article that tells the story of the doctor who first created and tested the box for the US here:

For all the quick links you need for COVID-19 resources for our industry, click here.

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