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WEB-CAB Releases Version 21

WEB-CAB Releases Version 21

WEB-CAB version 21 brings you changes inspired by feedback from real manufacturers who’ve been using and testing the product throughout this last challenging year. Planit Canada is proud to resell this robust MES software that helps manufacturers withstand the immense demands on our industry. 


User Experience Design (UX) is focused on making a product or service intuitive and easy to use. We’re excited about the usability improvements and new workflows.

New login page for improved experience

  • One access to all your WEB-CAB products
  • Easily manage the user’s language preference
1 EN 800x480 1
2 EN 800x480 1

New interface for the staging window

  • Eliminates multiple staging boxes and get an optimized view using subcategories
  • Simply scan the barcode associated with the staging space and the system will scan the location of the items
  • Obtain the list of items associated with the staging in addition to the project
3 EN 768x420 1

Locate each item faster with the new component summary interface

  • View and print room, door, and hardware labels to separately manage all items of a project
  • Determine the routing (production steps) of each component
  • Added asset for the receiving dock
Sommaire 2


Chat 4.0 with WEBLE

  • WEBLE is an avatar that helps improve communication between departments.
  • Receive notifications when a project is started and when it is completed
  • Inform users when a part has been damaged and when it has been reproduced
WEBLE 1 1024x633 1

Improved interface for the creation of kits

  • Status is changed automatically
  • Reprint labels directly in kits window
  • Obtain the list of items available at any station according to the route of the parts
  • Create kits with parts and hardware components of cabinets to help “ReadyToAssemble” manufacturers
Improved Interface For The Creation Of Kit

Discover the new way to display kits in the delivery slip window

  • Display the items included in each kit
  • Group the products by pallet to reduce the list of products to be loaded into the truck for even faster validation


New configuration which allows the import and display of data in MM (metric).

Import a Cabinet Vision panel saw optimizer.

Improvements for Cabinet Vision 3D visual which fixes the issue where in some projects the part visual is exploded and the locale has to be changed to “,” instead of “. “And the” shape “of parts no longer appear. This new method is more constant to work displayed all types of “Shapes”

For SQL query experts: you can now import any column from Cabinet Vision without any custom development.

Cabinet 3d Visual 1
Cabinet Vision Expert
2021 08 16 19 47 03 1


WEB-CAB products are developed using a collaborative approach with our customers. Thanks to your comments, we improve our solutions so that we are all more productive.

  • You can now open the PDF plans window on several stations at the same time and work simultaneously
  • Addition of a window that notifies when the start or end scan is in progress
  • The sorting rack with LED lights is now available in multiple colors on the second screen display on the other side of the rack
  • If a project from CAD / CAM has not been imported successfully, the term “INCOMPLETE” will be added before the name of the project. Thus, if a possible network problem arises, the user can easily identify the projects to be reimported.


A web portal to manage your software, allowing you to be more autonomous.

  • View the number of active, available, and expired licenses
  • View the latest license connections
  • View available software options
  • Relocate your licenses to a new computer
  • Access videos and other resources
  • View your maintenance plan renewal date and remaining days
  • Access the Zendesk Support Center from the portal


This release brings a major shift in our partner’s technology platform. They have adopted a Web centric approach that uses progressive and responsive frameworks. This means that these new product modules can be used on any platform, such as mobile devices or any traditional desktop environment that uses a modern Web browser.

The new platform incorporates a distributed messaging service which allows synchronization and sharing data more quickly and efficiently, ensuring that all views reflect the latest and most up to date reality of your production status. WEB-CAB made great strides in the advancement of its overall system architecture to set the stage for future product enhancements which will deliver competitive advantages to you and ensure performance and reliability.

Finally, the groundwork has been laid to provide public facing Web APIs (Application Programmer Interfaces) in future releases that will enable integration with 3rd party products or custom solutions. This opens many possibilities for additional efficiencies and tighter integration with your back office or collaboration systems.

Technical notes – importing

  • The import of sub-assemblies, regardless of the CAD / CAM, is now available under the accessories section
  • Importing the “Finish” column via data from excel files is now available for mapping
  • Most hardware can now be displayed in the accessories section, for all CAD / CAMs
  • In the Counter Assistant, the delivery dates are now updated from the import

Technical notes – general functions

  • New option in the routing configuration for items. You can now select the “smart label” option, so the data accumulated in Big Data and in the KPI of the parts calculation will be accurate.
2021 08 16 19 47 39 768x643 2
  • Addition of a new type 11 for the communication table which allows to indicate that a project is completed and allows the creation of the routing from a project created by the communication table.
  • New configuration possible in the local options which enables or disables the sound coming from the scan on the delivery slip window. The sound of the scan was causing Windows to shut down suddenly when multiple scans were performed in a short period of time.
2021 08 16 19 47 54 Packing 768x574 1
  • The “play” mode no longer activates automatically when several parts are damaged in the “Smart Label” option, which allows to keep several damaged parts on the same template.
  • The routing rules configuration now works when filtering the comments associated with the parts.
  • Panel plans are now displayed in the correct order, making it easier to track operations.
  • Damaged parts are now considered in the part progress window, so that it can be tracked again at all stations where it must pass.
  • The time data now appears in the management table of the Time manager option even if there is no project or task that was associated during data entry.
  • Delivery slips can now include 1000 items and more.
  • In Big Data display the times of a Scan in and Out station only at project times / in the item selection section this station will be “Gray out.”
  • When a sub-assembly is identified as damaged in the system, an alert will be sent for all its components. However, if a sub-assembly is backordered only one alert will be sent.
  • It is now possible to scan the same bar code several times in the delivery slips window and the associated yellow alert display will continue to appear.
  • When entering a « Return » of delivery the items added to the new job will keep their status.
  • Allows to have a specific image path for the instructions on a part (the Detail part action type) this image path can contain images personalized to the part the image must contain the program number (unique code) of the part in question to be displayed.
  • All projects are now archived in the database.
  • Cabinet Vision imports now work with “Worksheet” routing.
  • It is now possible to export excel files even if the project archiving option was activated.
  • It is now possible to modify the dimensions of a product in the software interface directly.

Are you interested in learning more about how WEB-CAB can help you improve your manufacturing process? 

Learn more about WEB-CAB’s Production Assistant here.

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