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CABINET VISION Users With Biesse CNC Machines Can Enjoy Quicker Machining For Lamello Fasteners

CABINET VISION users with Biesse CNC machines can enjoy quicker machining for Lamello Fasteners

Planit Canada’s own Christopher Manclière Develops time-saving Post-Processor for Lamello Fasteners.

CABINET VISION users with Biesse CNC machines can now do machining for Lamello Clamex P® fasteners by the sheet rather than by the part. Until now, the popular biscuit-style fasteners had to be machined one part at a time. With the new post-processor for Biesse machines programmed by Planit Canada’s Senior Software Specialist Christopher Manclière, machining can now be done on the nested sheet.

Manufacturers love the innovative Lamello fastener Clamex P® for its quality and functionality; especially for knock-down cabinets, condos, tight spaces, and oversize cabinets. Most CNC software can do the machining one part at a time, but Manclière was determined to find a solution to speed up manufacturing. Working alongside the Biesse tech team and longtime CABINET VISION users, he successfully wrote, tested, and perfected the code allowing CABINET VISION to tell Biesse CNC machines how to machine a whole nested sheet for the Clamex fasteners, just as it would do the machining for your hinges or drawer slides.

While the Lamello P system grooves will still need to be milled into the edge of the parts one by one, you’ll have saved time by having a lot of parts done on the nesting machine.

What you need:

  • A Biesse compatible nesting machine (4/5 axis machines)
  • An angled milling aggregate
  • A P-System disc cutter
  • Cabinet Vision 2021 (or more recent)

Mancliere is convinced this concept will be applicable for other machines and looks forward to working out the engineering soon.

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