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Not Missing Any Parts At Woody’s Premium Cabinetry

Not missing any parts at Woody’s Premium Cabinetry

success story 

Woody’s Premium Cabinetry is a 40,000 SQFT custom residential shop in Strathroy, ON that has earned 28 awards since 2006 and has made the Profit 500 list of fastest growing companies twice. Planit Canada president Peter Mate sat down with owner and founder, Dan Fentie, to chat about his success using WEB-CAB with RFID labelling to whip his business into shape.


“Everything is moving very, very fast. AI, Industry 4.0 – and I think it’s moving a lot faster than people realize. I think a lot of people are going to be left in the dust because they don’t get programs like this.”

-Dan Fentie, owner and founder of Woody’s Premium Cabinetry

Woody's Premium Cabinetry - Industry 4.0 Seminar with Web-Cab

MES vs. ERP – a Clearer Picture

Dan Fentie had been on the hunt for an ERP system for three years before he came across WEB-CAB’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES) at IWF in Atlanta. A trip to Montreal to visit the developers and three shop visits to see it in action later; Fentie was sold and implemented the system with the RFID labelling in his shop only four weeks later.

Fentie explains that a lot of the ERP systems he had looked at integrated RFID functionality to a degree, but that it wasn’t exactly a seamless process.  He found that a lot of these ERP systems were too difficult to implement, too complex, and felt that visually, the MES system was a better fit for his team. “Now they have total visualization of how the cabinet is supposed to be built, they can see exactly every part that’s supposed to be in that cabinet” explains Fentie.


Implementing WEB-CAB

In terms of implementation, Fentie explains that the techs were on location for four days to get the system operational and returned two weeks later to set up the RFID parts. Accustomed to successful implementations with Cabinet Vision, the techs were able to correct errors quickly and recommend ways to use their existing CAD/CAM software with WEB-CAB in a new and improved way.  “It was pretty painless, honestly.” Says Fentie.


“When I look at this program, I think it’s very simple. […] Simple to implement; I think it took 30 minutes of training for a lot of the guys on the floor, because it’s so simple. And I like simple. Because simple is lean and simple I can teach people, you know?”

– Dan Fentie, owner and founder of Woody’s Premium Cabinetry


No More Searching for Missing Parts

Woody’s Premium Cabinetry is housed in the longest building in Strathroy, and Fentie admits this used to be an obstacle for productivity. With the assembler at one end of the building and the CNC machine operator at the other, employees would always find an excuse to make a trip to the other end of the building. Now, by scanning and tracking parts through every station in the shop and immediately identifying and automatically communicating any missing or broken parts, there is no need for staff to walk over to each other, or to interrupt workflow.

When Mate asked him how his employees reacted to the change, Fentie chuckled and explained that although the employees on the floor were skeptical at first, they now couldn’t imagine their work without it, and asserted that it makes their lives easier. “Before, we would send out jobs and there would be 15 pieces missing, 10 pieces or 5 pieces; on a good day 1 piece or two pieces. Now? Zero.”  explains Fentie, “and the RFID shipping completely solves our problem of forgetting something.”

Left to right: Jonathan Saucier (WEB-CAB), Peter Mate (Planit Canada), Véronique Plessis Bélair (WEB-CAB), Dan Fentie (Woody’s Premium Cabinetry), Adam Webber (Planit Canada), Ewald Becker (Planit Canada)

A bright future for Dan and Woody’s Premium Cabinetry

Dan talked about his future and the future of his shop, now that he has implemented the software.


“I have a place in Florida that I don’t see enough of. I have a place in Bolivia that I don’t see enough of. But I’ll see more of that now that I have the software.”

– Dan Fentie, owner and founder of Woody’s Premium Cabinetry


The shop owner has big plans for expansion and continues to improve his processes. “It gets better every day,” says Fentie. In the meantime, he seeks more time to appreciate his family, his home in Florida, his home and Bolivia and his daily meditation practice.

A big thank you to Dan Fentie and the team at Woody’s Premium Cabinetry for the warm welcome and for openly sharing their experience with us and with other manufacturers.


About Woody’s Premium Cabinetry

Shop size: 40,000 SQFT

Staff: 26 employees on the shop floor

Type of business: custom residential cabinetry, vanities, closets, pantries, entertainment units


Key benefits of WEB-CAB:

  • All jobs leave the shop complete, no missing parts onsite
  • Reduction in service calls, saving $500 – $100 per shipping error
  • Missing or broken parts identified immediately and communicated automatically – significant decrease in work interruptions
  • Painless implementation, ease of training
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