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Live, Love, Local

Live, Love, Local

Written by Peter Mate, Planit Canada President. 

We’re in! Coming to you from our newly built office space and it feels AWESOME! There has been so much time, effort and resources put into creating a space that is the best it can be. Why so much effort? Employees work continuously to bring value to the company. The office setting is one of the best opportunities for employers to show gratitude. 

I started by getting the contractor and architect at the same table to begin the discussions early on. We ended up with a very workable design that gave us everything we needed while not sacrificing the efficiency of the building. It was best to have those discussions before we had drawings completed. So much was fine-tuned with the input of the contractor at the early stages.  

Building the new office was also an excellent opportunity to show some love to the local vendors and suppliers that we wanted to support. It’s not about the lowest price. It’s about voting with your dollars. We supported so many local businesses and truly felt the love. Everyone stepped up to the plate and put their heart into it. We encouraged some top-notch local companies from the locally made conference and lunch tables and incredible artwork by a local artist. 

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