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Meet Chad Bridger, The Newest Member Of Planit Canada

Meet Chad Bridger, the newest member of Planit Canada

Our new sales consultant believes in a lasting industry and elevated life.

While he may be the new guy here at Planit, Chad is no newcomer. With over 15 years’ experience in the industry, he’s bringing his passion for all things woodworking to his new role as a sales consultant. He’ll be working alongside Ewald Becker to serve our clients in Ontario.

Having cut his teeth in the industry working for McFadden’s, it wasn’t long before an opportunity arose to join the team at Blum Canada and gain experience in Western Canada, more recently Chad moved back to Mississauga, Ontario to work as a Product Specialist at Blum’s Canadian head office. Now closer to his family, he’s taken the opportunity to create strong bonds with shop owners, cabinet makers, designers, and everyone involved in the wood manufacturing process. Some of the things we love about Chad – and we think you will too – are his curiosity and his appetite for growth, both professional and personal. His desire to explore the types of innovation that will move our industry forward led him to us, and we’re so glad. He believes the future lies in software and automation and, like us, has a strong sense of responsibility to ensure the longevity of our industry. If you like to attend association events, network, and share what you’ve learned – you’ll likely already have shaken his hand.

Chad’s desire to explore technology-based solutions brought him to Planit, and we know our shared values make him a great fit. He’s a well-spoken and authentic guy who’d love to hear your goals for your business and your work-life balance.

An avid sports fan, Chad enjoys working out and watching football, soccer, and Formula 1. We’ll be inviting him to our Planit headquarters near Montreal to give him the full Grand Prix experience, n’est-ce pas?

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