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Introducing CABINET VISION 2023: Revolutionizing The Future Of Cabinet Design And Manufacturing

Introducing CABINET VISION 2023: Revolutionizing the Future of Cabinet Design and Manufacturing

Planit Canada, a leading provider of woodworking software solutions and services, is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated release of CABINET VISION 2023. This ground-breaking software is set to revolutionize how cabinet manufacturers design, visualize and produce their products.

With its innovative features and advanced capabilities, CABINET VISION 2023 empowers woodworking professionals to streamline their workflows, optimize efficiency, and unleash their creativity like never before. Building upon the success of previous versions, this latest release sets a new standard for precision, speed, and accuracy in cabinet design and manufacturing.

Key features and enhancements of CABINET VISION 2023 include:

  1. Intuitive 3D Design: CABINET VISION 2023 offers an intuitive and user-friendly 3D design environment, enabling designers and engineers to visualize their cabinet projects with unparalleled realism. The enhanced visualization tools significantly improve render mode speed and provide detailed representations rendering, helping clients make informed decisions and ensuring a seamless design process.
  2. Enhanced Customization: With expanded customization options, CABINET VISION 2023 enables users to tailor every aspect of their designs to meet their client’s unique requirements. This software empowers manufacturers to create fully customized cabinets that exceed customer expectations, from hardware selection to material choices.
  3. Efficient Production Planning: Streamlining the production process, CABINET VISION 2023 includes advanced production planning tools that optimize material usage and reduce waste. Manufacturers can generate precise cut lists, create detailed assembly instructions, and seamlessly integrate with CNC machinery, resulting in increased productivity and cost savings.
  4. Sub-Assemblies: CABINET VISION 2023 introduces the revolutionary feature of sub-assemblies, allowing users to create and manage complex assemblies within their cabinet designs. This capability simplifies the design and manufacturing process, enabling efficient construction and accurate visualization of interconnected components.
  5. Welcome Screen: The new welcome screen in the 2023 version of CABINET VISION provides users with a personalized and intuitive starting point for their projects. It offers quick access to recent files, project templates, and helpful resources, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow right from the beginning.
  6. Live Object Tree: CABINET VISION 2023 introduces the live object tree, an interactive and dynamic representation of the cabinet design hierarchy. Users can easily navigate, select, and modify objects and parameters directly from the tree, enhancing productivity and making design adjustments more intuitive and efficient.

Cabinet Vision 2023 Sub Assembly And Uninstall Packages

Cabinet Vision 2023 Welcome Screen And Live Object Tree

Planit Canada’s Senior Software Specialist, Christopher Manclière, expressed excitement about the release, stating

CABINET VISION 2023 represents a significant milestone in CABINET VISION’s evolution.

CABINET VISION 2023, our cutting-edge custom cabinet design software, is now available for purchase and is compatible with Windows operating systems. For more information about the software or to request a demo, visit our Request a CABINET VISION demo page or contact our sales team at


CABINET VISION 2023.2.2329.269 was released on July 19, 2023.

You can download CABINET VISION 2023.2.2329.269 from the Hexagon Customer Portal Downloads area.

Click here to see the Resolved Issues for 2023.2.2329.269.

Would you like to know more about how CABINET VISION can improve your processes? 

Learn more about CABINET VISION here.

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