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Sofo Kitchens Specializes In High-end Custom Cabinetry

Sofo Kitchens specializes in high-end custom cabinetry

Written by Stephan Kleiser for Woodworking Canada Magazine.

As far as technology is concerned, Soos says it’s the other key to SOFO Kitchens’ success.

“For example, we are using Planit’s CABINET VISION and it helps tremendously,” he says. “I remember even in our first and second shops we had some very basic optimization software and then we still had to cut it on a panel saw. But then when we got into CNCs, CABINET VISION really made a huge difference, especially since we were so custom. We started using it in 2013 and we never looked back.

“I started with the first module for the CNC and then we kept adding to it. It’s very good software. I looked into other solutions, but this one is really good, it works for us, it’s extremely powerful and it helps us save time, be efficient and have less waste.

“We also use it in conjunction with VORTEK Spaces, Planit’s 3D Interactive Virtual Showroom software.”

Radu Soos founded SOFO Kitchens, a mainly family-operated company, in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia in 2008 and runs it with his wife Monika. A great story actually, because Radu and Monika grew up together on the same street in Romania where they first met when they were just six years old.

Read the full article, ‘Sofo Kitchens specializes in high-end custom cabinetry’ on Woodworking Canada’s website here.


Photos: Contributed to Woodworking Canada
Monika and Radu Soos of SOFO Kitchens in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia.

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