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The Journey To CNC

The Journey to CNC

Written by Jolanda Slagmolen-Flores, AKBD, General Manager, Casa Flores Cabinetry, Alberta, for the Canadian Kitchen Cabinet Association (CKCA)

Whether you are contemplating a new CNC or upgrading an old one, read the lessons learned from this manufacturer when they bought their first CNC and chose the software to go with it.

“I had tried various software programs in the past. However the decision had always been driven by cost, and the programs were usually too basic for our needs (we do a lot of custom work). This time I was looking for the right program, not necessarily the cheapest.” – Jolanda Slagmolen-Flores, General Manager, Casa Flores Cabinetry

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Casa Flores Cabinetry’s Journey to automation with CNC & Cabinet Vision

{…} But ultimately our business hit a ceiling in its growth and I realized that, in order to take it to the next level, we would need to invest in CNC technology. This is the story of our journey from being a small, manual shop to a growing business with the latest technology. Read the full article on the CKCA website here.

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