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Top 5 New Features In CABINET VISION 2021

Top 5 New Features in CABINET VISION 2021

The new features in CABINET VISION 2021 are the good news we needed in 2020. Scroll down for an overview of our faves.

Customizable Ribbon Bar

This one might not seem like a big deal, but for those of us who work on CV all day long, the ability to tailor the ribbon bar of frequently used commands to our own workflow is huge. With version 2021, you’ll be able to easily add or remove different commands from the ribbon bar. You can also add keyboard shortcuts for ribbon commands. For example, you could assign the ‘M’ key for the measurement tool. These small changes can make a big difference for your sanity and your timesheet.

Redesigned Door Manager

If you aren’t already doing your own doors, we recommend having a look at the new manager – it might change your mind! If you’ve already been doing your own doors, you’ll love having more control over your Door Catalog. You can now change the door style based on pre-determined size requirements or conditions, using Door Association Matrices. The Door CAM Editor is also all new.  A feature we love that solves the sizing issue after finishing – you can now set an Oversize Value on wood doors. The feature you won’t really see except in improved overall performance, is the door databases have all been moved to the CV SQL database.

Handle-Free Construction with Support Rail

In just the past few months we’ve received multiple requests for the Gola cabinet profile.  This increasingly popular style has been providing some fun challenges for our tech team, but we’re so happy it’s been resolved in version 2021!  The new handle-less option lets you easily build cabinets with finger profile rails in metal or wood.  Fun side note – you’ll also be able to assign finger pull profiles to door edges. * Sigh of relief *

Walkthroughs and Real Time Rendering

The new +Tour addition allows you to save views and create smooth and seamless transitions from one to the next, creating a high-quality rendered walkthrough that will help your team close deals.  Easy to use and looks great.  We love this tool for sales.

Create Scrap Cuts

This option gives you the ability to cut up the scrap from your nest into smaller pieces to make them easier to dispose of.  At the end of the day, it’s nice to know your team spent less time at the saw working on scraps just to throw them away.

Those are the highlights! 

If you’d like to know more about the new version, or hear our advice about a safe install process, our team would love to chat.

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