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Woodworkers Look To CABINET VISION For Robotic Lean Cells

Woodworkers Look to CABINET VISION for Robotic Lean Cells

With projects coming in at a breakneck pace and a labour market that hurts even more, cabinet manufacturers are taking a serious second look at robotics. During the November 2021 Woodworking Technology Days event, the robotic lean cell at SCM, configured by EDGE Automation and powered by CABINET VISION, generated serious buzz.

Ready to Be the Future

Wouldn’t it be nice to say yes to that high-rise project and know that you can deliver on-time and make your money? After the harsh lessons learned in the last couple of years, it’s no surprise manufacturers are looking for ways to pandemic-proof their operation. The robotic lean cell has the benefit of requiring less training for your team than any other new machine. Visionary leaders also recognize that bringing in a robot now, means they’ll likely have the capability to do even more incredible things in the future. AI and machine learning are just around the corner for our industry, and those shops with robotics will be poised to take advantage.

Planit Canada and Cabinet Vision put in the work and have proven our investment in that future. We were early adopters in the Canadian market; working with innovative partners and investing in solving the complex software integrations needed to add a robot to your machine arsenal.

“We’d already done it with material handling systems and with real-time labelling. Our Planit team, and Cabinet Vision in the US, were among the first to take on the challenge of robotic integrations in Canada. The time and risk have paid off, and we have proof that it works.” – Christopher Manclière, Senior Software Specialist, Planit Canada

If you want to push the limits of innovative automation, you’ll need the right partners and solutions. Partners ready to invest in the R&D. A powerful solution that allows you the flexibility to do volume and quickly adapt for custom. With Cabinet Vision and EDGE Automation – you can live the dream of turning the lights out at the end of the day while your robot keeps working.

What Can the Lean Robotic Cell Do?

Robotic cells offer the consistency needed for volume manufacturing while Cabinet Vision allows the flexibility required for custom projects. Here’s the work you can hand off to your new robot:

  1. Intelligent Offloading – the robot takes the part off the CNC, scans the label generated in real-time by Cabinet Vision and knows precisely what to do with it.
  2. Automated Doweling – the robot brings the part to the dowel machine to get the dowels on.
  3. Multiple Sorting Options – the robot puts the part onto the correct rack, sorted according to your specifications (ex. by project, by cabinet, by size etc.)

Your happy team can arrive in the morning to begin assembling cabinetry with parts that were sorted while they slept. Who else is up for making this dream a reality?

Want to learn more about Cabinet Vision and machine integrations?

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