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Would You Trade Your Spouse For A Paperless Shop?

Would you trade your spouse for a paperless shop?

by Planit Canada President Peter Mate 

Well, I didn’t see that coming.

We asked visitors at a recent trade show: “What would you give to have a paperless shop?” Possible answers were: A. Left Arm B. First Born C. Spouse… Man, was I surprised at how many spouses we ended up with.

In all seriousness, what really hit me was the sheer number of people who saw the Production Assistant software from WEB-CAB and came straight to me asking for a shop visit and wanting to implement it in their facilities. I even heard “why haven’t you sold me this yet, Peter?!”

There are always a few keeners, but this was more than that. This was a movement and I heard the message loud and clear. Canadian woodworkers are faced with chaos; labor issues, high turnover in the shop, costly production and shipping mistakes – and the limit has been reached. Enough already.

Not all software is easy to implement and has a fast ROI, but when shop owners see one that is, it’s like that unicorn we’ve all been searching for. I’m happy with the reaction and the traction. It makes me very proud when I can be a part of making the industry just a little better.

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