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Affordable Entry Level Software for Your New CNC Machine

Cabinet Maker is an entry level design for manufacturing software tool for residential and commercial casework and the ideal launch platform for the small shop getting started with CNC.  It gives you the essential tools you need to get started in the automation of your engineering process; generate shop drawings, 3D renderings, material requirements, cutlists and basic estimating data.

Cabinet Maker allows you to take your designs and send them straight to your CNC machinery with the push of a button. Available in either a Nested Base or a Work Cell configuration (Panel Saw and Point-to-Point), Cabinet Maker is the perfect starting point to move your business into the process of manufacturing automation.

Cabinet Maker can automatically process your part geometries and produce machine ready G-Code to send straight to your machinery, eliminating time and costly errors.

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$99.00 USD / month rental

Check out our videos to see how you can create stunning renders using this affordable add-on. With Cabinet Maker + VORTEK Spaces, you could be selling more projects in no time.

“All I wanted was someone to help me get started, The Planit Canada technician installed the post, gave me some tips to get going and we’ve hit the ground running with our nesting machine.”

 Jon Prince

 Newport Millwork & Cabinetry .

Front End Design with CNC Capabilities

Key Features

Front End Design

  • Full Cabinet Sectioning Control
  • Basic CAD Functionality
  • Multiple Design Views Available (Plan, Elevation, 3D, Rendered, etc.)
  • Straight, Angled, and Peninsula Walls
  • User Defined Custom Assembly Catalogs
  • Photo-realistic Renderings
  • Face Frame Construction Definition
  • Frameless Construction Definition
  • Drawer Box and Roll Out Construction Definition
  • Door/Drawer Front Style Definition
  • Switch from Inches or Metric at Any time During the Design Process
  • Scroll Wheel Zooming

CNC Capabilities

  • Pure G-Code Tailored for your Machine
  • Import DXF’s
  • Integrated Label Reports
  • Integrated Reporting
  • Check Sheet Sizes to Fit Machine
  • Pattern Diagram Print Outs
  • Automatic Tooling and Toopath Generation
  • Pocketing of Rectangles and Circles
  • Basic Toolpath Simulation
  • Ability to Control Lead-In/Out Offsets
  • Linked Part Outline (Bridge) Nesting
  • Intelligent Small Part Handling (Tabs, Onionskins, Return Onionskins)
  • Combine Operations on Part Edge with Part Outline

Resources for Machinery Vendors

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