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Software for Drafting Technicians,
Designers and Estimators

Solid Drafter for Closets was designed as a drafting and estimating tool to be used in conjunction with your current Solid for Closets manufacturing solution. Solid Drafter for Closets allows you to detail all your jobs, from kitchen cabinets to complex architectural projects.

Solid Drafter for Closets benefits:

  • Easy to navigate ribbonbars make locating items effortless.
  • Split-screen designing provides floor plan, elevation and perspective views that can be displayed all on one screen.
  • Build a ‘Favorites’ menu from the items used most often, saving time spent searching through the library.

Do you have staff drafting technicians and designers and need a tool to get your shop drawings ready for review? Do you have staff estimators and need a tool to get your estimates submitted? Solid Drafter for Closets is the solution you need. Solid Drafter for Closets has all of the presentation and estimating power of the Solid Advanced for Closets solution without the overhead (and product cost) of features only needed by your engineers getting product onto the shop floor.

Solid Drafter for Closets Key Features

  • Multiple Design Views Available (Plan, Elevation, 3D, Rendered, etc.)
  • Straight, Angled, Curved, Peninsula, T-Walls, Cathedral, and Vaulted Walls
  • Place Objects on the Back of Walls
  • User Defined Custom Product Catalogs
  • Hanging Section and Shoe Cubby Definition
  • Angled Shoe Shelf Definition
  • Wire Baskets Definition
  • Advanced 2D CAD Capability
  • Define Custom Molding Profiles
  • Plan and Elevation Cross Sections

All Casegood and Closet products include:

  • Drawing Capabilities
  • 3D Rendering
  • Cutlists and Reports
  • Pricing and Bidding

Why is Cabinet Vision the best software on the market today?

Cabinet Vision is a powerful solution for the woodworking industry, making simple jobs easy and complex jobs possible. Its products enable any operation to fully automate and integrate their design with improved manufacturing processes and greater efficiency. In addition to producing significant time savings, Cabinet Vision eliminates costly mistakes and increases productivity.

Experience Design & Cutlist Automation with Cabinet Vision Solid Essential

See for yourself how Cabinet Vision can help you become more efficient and profitable. Get a free 30 day trial of Solid Essential, our entry level software package. But don’t confuse entry level with a lack of features. It still comes packed with all the essential functionality every shop needs to succeed.

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