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As unique as you – AvanTech YOU: The AvanTech YOU drawer system stands out with its design diversity and creative flexibility, incorporating concealed working parts for seamless performance. It is also built on an efficient product concept tailored to meet the customer’s needs.

Distinctive drawer design: The AvanTech YOU drawer is characterized by its sleek and slimline 13 mm drawer side profile, exuding immaculate beauty. Moreover, it empowers you to transform your personal ideas into reality with every use.

550500 1901 Avantech Shop 04

This package contains the following:

  • One Drawer Box Construction and One Roll-Out Box Construction
    • DR Hettich AvanTech YOU (Drawer Box Construction)
    • RO Hettich AvanTech YOU (Roll-Out Box Construction)
  • Fourteen Drawer Guide Material Schedules (Quadro and Actro)
    • Hettich AvanTech YOU Anthracite
    • Hettich AvanTech YOU White
  • Four User Created Standard (PCI Hettich AvanTech YOU)
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