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Discover Rocheleau’s R13 EVO thin-wall drawer system—a sleek, minimalist design for smooth operation. Available in 4 heights (90 mm, 128 mm, 175 mm, and 240 mm), it maximizes storage space inside cabinets. With versatile anthracite and matt white colours, it seamlessly complements modern or classic kitchens, bathrooms, and more furniture styles. Enjoy precise front positioning with 3-dimensional adjustments and effortless assembly thanks to its minimal components—no bottom machining required.

R13 Exemple White

This package contains the following elements:

  • Construction of a drawer box and interior drawer construction
    • Rocheleau R13 EVO Drawer (Drawer box construction)
    • Rocheleau R13 EVO Interior Drawer (Interior drawer box construction)
  • Twelve material assignments for drawer slides
    • Rocheleau R13 EVO Anthracite
    • Rocheleau R13 EVO White
  • User-created standard (PCI Rocheleau R13 EVO Rollout Front Swap)
  • Three Textures
    • Gray 25
    • Gray 50
    • White

Access the product sheets on the Rocheleau website here.

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