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Multi-functional Green Cross Line and Point Laser

Leica 3D Disto is an automated, motorized DISTO that captures and projects complex 3D measurements that provide total accuracy. Using unique best fit calculations and the ability to define 2D work planes, 3D Distor creates intelligent CAD/BIM models that are friendly to CAD solid modelers, cabinet design software, and other design software solution.

Features Include:

  • Extreme accuracy with the latest green laser technology
  • A large working range of up to 35 meters with large glass optics for this multi-functional tool allows for perfect levelling and alignment over long distances
  • Quick attachment to a variety of surfaces for easy positioning
  • Self-levelling with an automatically plumb vertical and level horizontal line
  • 90˚ Cross Line Laser for perfect right angles
  • Li-Ion rechargeable Battery with a long life
  • A rugged design for construction site durability
Leica Lino Laser
Leica Lino Laser 2

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