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S2M Center

With Screen-to-Machine™, Planit Canada offers the industry’s most powerful automated CAM software solution that generates the machine ready code for your products as they are designed, and is the only solution on the market which is fully integrated for virtually any CNC machine.

This intelligent machining sends your designs straight from virtually any CAD software to an unlimited number of machines simultaneously; drastically reducing material usage and labor costs through streamlined manufacturing processes. S2M Center brings a new level of automation to the woodworking industry, providing a single source solution for processing all parts.

Screen-to-Machine™ Solutions

S2M Ultimate

Our flagship product – top of the line Screen-to-Machine™ software with advanced capabilities allows you to take full advantage of advanced machining strategies.

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S2M Advanced

The preferred level Screen-to-Machine™ software tool that allows you to machine all your jobs.

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S2M Standard

This Screen-to-Machine™ product is perfect for casegoods manufacturers seeking the right combination of automation and value.

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S2M Essential

Screen-to-Machine™ Essential, our entry level solution, gives you just the right capabilities for getting started with CNC.

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S2M Optimizer

Ready to utilize your brand new CNC machine investment? The Screen-to-Machine™ Optimizer is perfect as a panel optimization solution. Try the 30 day free trial to learn its benefits for yourself.

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S2M Center Add-Ons

Screen-to-Machine™ Essential, our entry level solution, gives you just the right capabilities for getting started with CNC.

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What are the value-added benefits to integrating Screen-to-Machine™ with
Cabinet Vision?

The S2M Center is a core product that integrates seamlessly with Cabinet Vision. Geometry and machining data from Cabinet Vision is automatically generated for virtually any CNC machine on the market. The Screen-to-Machine™ solution is capable of nesting, optimization, and is able to generate machine ready code for saws, point-to-point machines, CNC routers, Drill and Dowel Machines, Chop Saws, and other specialized woodworking machinery.

With support for Nested-Based Manufacturing (“NBM”) and Work Cell Manufacturing, the S2M Center provides the needed productive benefits for today’s woodworking business.

Benefits include:

  • Automatic Tool Selection Logic
  • Part Filtering
  • Output to Specialized Machinery such as Automatic Chop Saws and Drill and Dowel Machines
  • Ordering and Grouping of Parts By Cabinet on Sheets
  • Ability to Import DXF Parts
  • Save Parts to Part Library for easy recall
  • Ability to Move Parts on Nests
  • Copy and Paste Parts on Nests
  • Linked Part Outlines (Bridging)

Request a Demo to learn more about the advantages of integrating S2M Center.

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