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A New Logo For Planit Canada!

A New Logo for Planit Canada!

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When you pour your heart and soul into the work that you do – you want everything that you put out into the world to reflect that. Our team has invested a lot of time over the past few years into process improvement with very special emphasis on humanizing everything we do – and we reinvented our logo to convey that exact message.

We know that our people and our relationships are our greatest strengths.

If the Planit Canada tech implementing your new software is already good friends with your machinery vendor – the whole process of getting your new CNC up and running is going to go a lot smoother.  And when you’re ready to think about taking the next step and start looking at shop management software, it’s nice to know we’ve partnered with amazing MES developers who share our values and vision.  When you need advice about running a shop and want to talk it out with a like-minded shop owner – we’re volunteering our time and investing in sponsoring the industry associations who are there to facilitate it.

So, what is the new logo all about?

“I don’t know how we could have fit more meaning into a single graphic.”, explains Amanda Gay, Marketing & Product Manager for Planit Canada. “The letter ‘I’ looks like a person, tucked into a green arrow that both cradles protectively, while also propelling her into the future. The marriage of the letter ‘I’ within the letter ‘p’ speaks to the importance of our relationships with our partners, the industry, and of course, the manufacturers we work with every day. It also conveys the seamless integration of our solutions with your machines, your shop and with any products you’ll invest in as your business grows.”

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