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The Number One Question From AWFS 2019: What Is Hexagon?

The Number One Question from AWFS 2019: What is Hexagon?

Crowds in Las Vegas noticed the new color and logo at the Cabinet Vision booth

People love the robotic arm (the Romer), they want to play with the Leica Geosystems laser, and they can’t wait to see the new features in Cabinet Vision version 12. Our team had an awesome time showing off our toys, doing demos, offering presentations and chatting with everyone who came by the booth.

Perhaps our biggest reveal, however, was the name Hexagon boldly featured on the header, and the exciting move this represents for the software we sell. So, what is the deal with the new blue accent color – and what happened to the name Vero?

MicrosoftTeams Image 23
MicrosoftTeams image 23

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence is a massive global group which has led the world market in metrology technology for 200 years. Since 2014, they have been expanding their reach into new areas like statistical process control and CAD/CAM software. It was then that they acquired the Vero Software brands, including Cabinet Vision, Alphacam, and others.

“The short story is that Hexagon’s manufacturing intelligence is about creating ecosystems for manufacturing processes that are autonomous, self-learning and with zero errors,” Ola Rollén, chief executive officer of Hexagon said to Hexagon Group’s 2017 revenues were around $4.0 billion.

What does this mean for Cabinet Vision? It means a continuous and significant investment into R&D and innovation. It guarantees that Cabinet Vision will have the steady backing of a global group dedicated to world-leadership in manufacturing technology with an overall strategy to offer software-centric information technology solutions that improve quality and productivity across entire industry workflows.

This is how smart factories are born, and how wood manufacturers build sustainable businesses. In other words, we’ve hitched our wagon to the right horse.

Let’s ride.

MicrosoftTeams Image 25
MicrosoftTeams image 25

Find out how Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence helps industrial manufacturers develop the disruptive technologies of today and the life-changing products of tomorrow. (Link: Who We Are )

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