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Planit Canada Inc. And WEB-CAB Announce Partnership

Planit Canada Inc. and WEB-CAB Announce Partnership

Planit Canada Inc. Offers Manufacturing Execution System (MES) by WEB-CAB consisting of two modules; Production Assistant and Planning Assistant

On June 10th at the CKCA Regional event in London, ON, Planit Canada Inc. and WEB-CAB announced their partnership and the availability of Production Assistant and Planning Assistant by WEB-CAB throughout Canada.

“For us, this alliance with WEB-CAB and the addition of Production Assistant and Planning Assistant is a natural extension of our current product line. The Manufacturing Execution System (MES) addresses many of the manufacturing challenges we’ve seen our clients struggle with over the years – from managing production and shipping, all the way to training staff,” said Peter Mate, President at Planit Canada Inc. “And the quick, 5-day implementation is the cherry on top that we can’t stop smiling about.”

WEB-CAB Already a Success in Quebec and Ontario, Expanding Presence in Canada

The cabinet manufacturers benefitting from WEB-CAB solutions in Quebec and Ontario already number in the hundreds. Woody’s Premium Cabinetry, a manufacturer in London, ON specializing in custom cabinets, closets and vanities have been using Production Assistant by WEB-CAB for a year. “Our days of turning down jobs because our production can’t handle them are over. By cutting down on lost time in assembly, sorting, searching for damaged parts, and by avoiding shipping errors, we saw a return on our investment within just a few months.” Explained Dan Fentie, owner at Woody’s Premium Cabinetry. “It’s also helped us enormously with training new staff, because we can include instructions that guide them through processes directly in their stations.”

“WEB-CAB is expanding and significantly increasing its presence in Canada. We wanted to partner with a strong and recognized distribution network in the Canadian market, and Planit Canada proved to be the right player, with its extensive woodworking expertise and team of established professionals across the country.” Says Jonathan Saucier, Product Specialist at WEB-CAB.

WEB-CAB Solutions Fill the Gap Between Cabinet Vision and ERP
MES Pyramid

Forming the middle part of a pyramid that has CAD/CAM software at the base and ERP at the top, Production Assistant and Planning Assistant are modules developed to optimize the management of cabinet manufacturing facilities; without necessitating a large time-investment for implementation nor a massive shift in methodology.

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