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The Whole Team Jumps On Board At Richard & Levesque

The whole team jumps on board at Richard & Levesque

by Hugo Carrion, Junior Marketing Coordinator at Planit Canada

In our recent virtual shop tour, Francois Levesque shows us how his business successfully implemented WEB-CAB’s Production Assistant with full buy-in from the whole team. Thanks to an easy integration and a quick learning curve, they quickly ramped up production, improved the quality of their product and enjoyed a rise in customer satisfaction. 

Virtual Shop Tour at Richard & Levesque Shows Us What WEB-CAB’s Production Assistant Can Do 

Located in the suburbs of Quebec City, Richard & Levesque is one of the most important leaders in high-end residential kitchen, bathroom, and cabinets in Eastern CanadaLongtime partners with Planit Canadathey have been using CABINET VISION for over 15 years. 

Levesque believes the addition of WEB-CAB’s MES software, Production Assistant, opened the door to unparalleled potential and skyrocketed their production. The ease of implementation into everyday operations, with no interruption to ongoing processes, was enough for them to realize that WEB-CAB would become an essential part of Richard & Levesque’s growth. The whole team happily jumped on board.  

To be able to provide all this work, we’ve been working with Cabinet Vison and Planit CanadaWe are very pleased with them; we’ve been working with them for many years. We could see how other business integrated WEB-CAB and we quickly realized that was the solution that we needed. It permitted us to have something that was a lot more automated, more intelligent and more synchronized.” – Francois Levesque, President, Richard & Levesque 

The Benefits 

If your team can use a scanner, then WEB-CAB can adapt to real life mishaps and keep production going. 

WEB-CAB’s Production Assistant builds automation and synchronization within internal processes and workflowswith less manual labor that can lead to human error. By implementing WEB-CABRichard & Levesque were able to upgrade the quality of their product, streamline their manufacturing process and drastically improve their customer satisfaction 

“All the steps that could be forgotten in the sorting and assembly process are included in the software which allows your team to keep track of them and mark them as complete before moving forward to the next step”. – Jonathan SaucierProduct Manager, WEB-CAB 

The WEB-CAB integration with CABINET VISION, a powerful CNC cabinet design software, allows the team at Richard & Levesque to track projects from design through to sorting, shipping, and fulfilment. WEB-CAB’s dashboard provides real-time monitoring of the status of all projects; keeping track of timelines, pieces needing to be processed, and upcoming steps in the production line.  

Production Assistant makes it easy to report and act on the status of parts and products. Are there any damaged pieces? Any missing materials? WEB-CAB notifies the user of any potential issues in production and why they happenedBy scanning an item, any member of the team can mark a part as damaged and explain how it happened. The office is then notified of the location of the piece in the process and provided all necessary information to keep the team on track while working around obstacles. 

Screenshot 2021 09 23 093920

When a missing or damaged piece gets in the way of production, WEB-CAB prioritizes the next project in line. The team at Richard & Levesque don’t need to wait for that piece to be replaced to continue a projectWEB-CAB has allowed them to be more organized and better manage their operations by centralizing all their information into one easytouse software. By reducing the margin for human error, WEB-CAB keeps projects afloat without hindering any ongoing processes. Production Assistant will adapt to any modifications, missing or damaged pieces, and make sure to keep track of them to keep the workflow going.  

Screenshot 2021 09 23 094913

WEB-CAB is Easy to Learn 

Implementing new software can be hard on your team and lead to resistance and stressProduction Assistant is an intuitive software that is easy to follow and use – even for people with little to no experience using software 

For management, the dashboard offers easy access to all relevant information to your process. By tracking everything that is happening on the production lineyou can better balance your operations while increasing productivityallowing employees to work within regular hours, and eliminating the need to hire new employees.

Screenshot 2021 09 23 092345 1

WEB-CAB Adapts to You 

It doesn’t matter how big or small your shop is, fixed rack or mobile cart, WEB-CAB adapts and works around your needs to provide you with the tools you need to maximize your production and streamline your manufacturing process. While we are here, we thought it could be important to talk about fixed racks and how it could benefit your operations by switching from a mobile rack platform. You can read our full breakdown blog where you can learn more about fixed racks vs mobile carts here.

WEB-CAB Production Assistant is flexible. With modular approach, we can adapt the software to your specific needs and add to it as your business grows and evolves. Of course, WEB-CAB is intuitive and top-of-the-line software, but it is up to you and your team to get the best out of it. Are you ready to take the next step? 

 Are you interested in learning more about how WEB-CAB can help you improve your manufacturing process?  

Learn more about WEB-CAB’s Production Assistant here. 

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