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Building A Better Bidding Process By Understanding Time Usage

Building a better bidding process by understanding time usage

This article was written by Hexagon’s CABINET VISION for Woodworking Network.

As those of us who’ve been sucked into a social-media vortex can well attest, thinking that we know how we’re spending our time isn’t the same as actually knowing. Sure, it’s a bit alarming when it turns out that those 15 minutes spent on Instagram were actually two hours, but it’s downright scary when it turns out that the one hour you thought you’d devoted to finishing work was actually four.

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The quest for accurate bidding processes can be a real headache because understanding where time is spent takes valuable time that many businesses, particularly smaller shops, don’t think they have. It can be hard enough to simply get jobs out the door without tracking each minute spent on a range of tasks, especially if you’re a team of one or running a large operation with multiple moving parts.

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