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CABINET VISION 2022.1 Is Now Available For Download

CABINET VISION 2022.1 is Now Available for Download

Here is what’s new in version 2022.1

CABINET VISION 2022.1 is now available for download on the Hexagon Customer Portal (HCP), and our Senior Software Specialist, Christopher Manclière, has prepared a list of the new features and improvements that you can start using to optimize your workflow.

Assembly Level

  • Define dimensions for sectioned doors
  • ‘To Drawing’ added to door section editor
  • Beaded Frames work smartly with zero width mid stiles and mid-rails – available with Cabinets
  • Interior and Exterior Banding available via New Part option

Assembly Manager

  • Conditions for Drawer Construction
  • Bid Center
  • Set default Rate Table(s)


  • When placing a CAD Symbol, it will continue to place until right-click to end
  • The Symbol Library will remember your last selection location
  • Alphabetize moulding in CAD Symbols
  • Addition of the following profiles to CAD Symbols:
    • Door Applied
    • Finger Pull
    • Inside Edge
    • Outside Edge
    • Raised Panel
    • Route


  • Specify sectioned door illustrations on assembly sheet containers – available with the xRendering multiplier
  • Copy sheet option in Drawings View

General Features

MicrosoftTeams Image 3
  • VORTEK Spaces export option – available with the xRendering multiplier
  • TEVA3D export option – available with the xRendering multiplier
  • Texture Manager thumbnail view uses sorting method selected from the list view
  • Create backup copies of autosave files (abv, abs, abr, abz)
  • Export Room uses Room Name as the default filename
  • All list views, such as the Report view, use alternating colour bars for easier legibility
  • Measure tool option for picking measurements added to most dimension fields in the sidebar


  • Added an option to place the object anyway when getting the “sorry object in the way” error
  • When placing a Catalog Object, it will continue to place until right-click to end placement
  • Moulding is ignored when modifying objects at the room level
  • Cabinet width change dialogue defaults to stretch right instead of left

User-Created Standards (UCS)

  • BAND and LIBPART parameters now support in-line evaluation

Watch the What’s New videos:

Export 3D drawings

Sectioned Drawers Improvements

Setup Packages Improvements

Rendering Enhancements

Would you like to learn more about updating to the latest version?

Read Top Ten Questions from our webinar CV Reimagined | Why Update Now?

If you are a cabinet shop owner and are not familiar with CABINET VISION, do not hesitate to contact one of our experts for more information. They will be happy to give you a demonstration of the full potential of CABINET VISION, our leading custom cabinet and custom closet design software, which can help you optimize your business.

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