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Top Ten Questions From Our Webinar CV Reimagined | Why Update Now?

Top Ten Questions from our webinar CV Reimagined | Why Update Now?

You’re using CABINET VISION now and things are running smoothly… but you know you’ve got a couple of newer versions waiting to be used in production. You might have tried doing a quick update in the past and it caused a hiccup, or you might be concerned the update will take too long – so you’ve been putting it off.

Our recent webinar showed participants what’s new in the latest version and why now is the right time to dive into CABINET VISION Reimagined – the new configuration of CV components that lets you tailor your licenses to your users’ needs.

In the 60-minute webinar we learned:

  • What’s new in CABINET VISION Reimagined
  • Why updating now is a good business decision
  • How to do a software update without disrupting your business

If you missed it, you can watch the recorded session here.

CABINET VISION Reimagined | Why Update Now? Video

So many great questions came up during the session that we decided to share the Q&A with you.

Here are the top 10 questions from our webinar.

About the release

Q: CV2022 Is a Release Candidate? Is the current version 2022 fully stable, or is it still a beta test version? A: CV2022 is no longer a release candidate and is available for public release.

About the migration process

Q: How well does the migration work from 2021 to 2022? Is it easier than from CV11 to 2021?
A: You can safely migrate from CV2021 to CV2022.

Q: I’m currently using CV11. Can I skip any versions to get to the latest 2022?
A: You can migrate directly from CV11 to CV2022.

Q: Will the migration from version 2021, keyless license, to version 2022 go smoothly?
A: Yes, you can safely migrate from a previous version of CV using a keyless license.

About using older versions

Q: Will I be able to open jobs I have created in CV11 with CV2022? Or will I have to keep CV11 on my computer to finish jobs we have previously drawn in order to complete them?
A: You can open jobs from previous versions of Cabinet Vision, but we recommend you complete your job in the version where you first created it.

Q: Can I run 2 versions of CV on the same computer? For example, CV10 and CV2022?
A: Yes, your license will still allow you to open previous versions of Cabinet Vision (CV10+)

About 64-bit computing

Q: Is CV 2021 also operating in 64 bits?
A: No, Cabinet Vision 2021 is a 32bit software. Version 2022 is the first version in 64bit.

Q: Now that the program is in 64-bit, will it be faster to open and save projects in 2022?
A: CV 64bit is snappier but opening a project won’t be much different than the previous version of Cabinet Vision unless you’re dealing with a very large project. There are a lot of great reasons to move to 64bit, and the larger memory footprint is one of the biggest ones. Another is that it is modern. Most of the components we utilize are no longer developed in 32bit, and you can’t mix 32bit and 64bit components in a 32bit application.

About the New Door Manager

Q: Will we be able to migrate door styles, or is it a case of re-making door styles?
A: Yes, during the installation of CV2022, you can choose to import your data from your previous version of CV and your doors will be imported into the new Door Manager.

Q: Does the new door editor allow you to modify the middle rail to 60-40 split or 70-30 split rather than having it stuck at 50-50?
A: This should be possible with the new Door Manager using object intelligence.

About Live Drawing

Q: Will we see improvements to the Live Drawing feature in CV 2022?
A: With the larger memory footprint of CV2022 Live Drawing should be more stable and not run out of memory anymore.

About functionality

Q: Will we be able to export dimension styles as a package? Same question with the customizing ribbon/tab options.
A: You’ll be able to save your Dimension Style in a package but not the custom ribbon/tab options.

Q: Have there been any changes to countertops with edge banding info and labelling?
A: Countertops are the same as CV2021

Q: Is it possible to import a .DWG file into CV?
A: No, but you can submit your idea on eSupport here.

Q: Can shortcuts be created for the layout section? (Dimensions, symbols, arrows etc.)
A: Yes, it is possible to customize keyboard shortcuts in every CV drawing window, including the layout section.

About UCS

Q: Will the new version affect existing UCS’s? Would you recommend that we start with a clean install – is it better to just start from scratch and rebuild everything?
A: We recommend you schedule an assessment meeting to look at your CV software. It will depend on the version of Cabinet Vision you are running. For example, if you’re running CV12 or CV2021 you can migrate most of your UCS without any extra work but if it’s an older version they may require some tweaking. Schedule your free Migration Assessment.

Q: Is there now a USC code schedule to refer to in help?
A: The help file offers a lot of information on UCS. Click on the Help button and search for “UCS”. A companion booklet is also available on eSupport here.

About prices

Q: How does this affect Ultimate users as far as cost?
A: All the Ultimate features you currently have will be available in CV2022 at no extra cost.

Q: Will we be getting a subscription-based price model? Will subscription-based pricing become mandatory?
A: We now offer subscription-based licenses; however, these are not mandatory. You still have the option to purchase licenses for CV in flexible configurations according to your business needs. For more information, visit our CABINET VISION Subscription Cost & Pricing page or contact us.

About Windows 11

Q: Is Windows11 approved for use with CV2022? Are current versions, cv11 and 12 okay in Windows 11?
A: Support for the Windows 11 operating system for CABINET VISION will be available from Version 2022.1. Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has estimated that the launch date for Version 2022.1 could be as early as May/June 2022. While many clients are already running Windows 11 successfully, we recommend erring on the side of caution and updating your Windows Operating system only after you have implemented CABINET VISION version 2022.1.

Okay, so that was more than ten questions. Have more? Reach out to us anytime.

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