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The Power Of CABINET VISION Software And AKHURST Technology In Solving Real Manufacturing Challenges

The Power of CABINET VISION Software and AKHURST Technology in Solving Real Manufacturing Challenges

Planit, a leading provider of woodworking software solutions, joined forces with AKHURST Machinery Limited, a renowned name in the woodworking industry, to host the highly successful Planit + Akhurst Real-World Training event. This day-long event, held on Monday, May 8, 2023, at the Akhurst Machinery Limited facility in Mississauga, ON, provided CABINET VISION users with invaluable insights into utilizing Planit software and industry-leading CNC machines to overcome real manufacturing challenges.

The Planit + Akhurst Real-World Training event brought together woodworking professionals and enthusiasts for an immersive training experience. Attendees had the privilege of witnessing Christopher Manclière, Planit’s senior software specialist, demonstrate the extensive capabilities of CABINET VISION software in conjunction with AKHURST’s top-of-the-line CNC machines. Throughout the event, construction methods, machining times, and nesting options were compared, enlightening participants on extracting the maximum potential from their automation processes.

Key highlights of the event included:

  1. Exploration of commonly used assembly methods: Attendees gained comprehensive knowledge of the pros and cons of various assembly techniques and practical guidance on implementing them effectively in CABINET VISION software.
  2. Unleashing the power of nesting methods: Attendees learned to leverage the flexibility and customization features of Screen 2 Machine® to optimize nesting processes and enhance overall productivity.
  3. Practical tips for tooling improvement: Participants discovered valuable strategies for enhancing machining processes by utilizing appropriate tooling techniques.
  4. Precision in preventing part movement during cutting: Valuable insights were shared on preventing parts from shifting on nested sheets during the cutting process, ensuring superior precision and efficiency.
  5. Automation of part replacement: Attendees learned how to automate the process of replacing broken or missing parts, streamlining workflow and minimizing manual efforts.

The event also offered excellent networking opportunities, allowing participants to connect with fellow CABINET VISION users, exchange experiences, and foster collaborative relationships within the woodworking community.

The overwhelming success of the Planit + Akhurst Real-World Training event demonstrates the commitment of both Planit and AKHURST Machinery Limited to empower woodworking professionals with innovative solutions that drive efficiency and productivity.

Cabinet Vision And Akhurst Machinery By Planit Canada

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