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Planit + SCM: Advanced Cabinet Vision Training Session

Planit + SCM: Advanced Cabinet Vision Training Session

Planit, a leading provider of woodworking software solutions, successfully concluded an advanced CABINET VISION training session in collaboration with SCM Canada, a renowned manufacturer of woodworking machinery. The event provided engineers with a unique opportunity to expand their skill set and harness the full potential of CABINET VISION software. The training session was led by Christopher Manclière, Planit’s Senior Software Specialist, for a small group of participants hand-picked for their expertise with the software.

The training session, held on Wednesday, May 10th, at the state-of-the-art SCM CNC facility in Mississauga, ON, received overwhelmingly positive feedback from participants.

Attendees expressed their appreciation for the practical training provided during the session. When asked about their experience, guests highlighted several aspects they particularly liked, including:

  1. Learning how and why certain codes work: Participants valued the in-depth understanding gained during the training, as they learned how to use specific codes in CABINET VISION and the underlying principles and reasons behind their functionality.
  2. Running through different scenarios and applying the UCSs: Attendees appreciated the opportunity to engage in hands-on exercises that involved working through various scenarios and applying User Created Standards (UCSs). This practical approach allowed them to deepen their understanding of UCS implementation.
  3. Christopher was very helpful going over concepts and actually letting us follow along and write the UCS on our own PCs: Participants appreciated Christopher Manclière’s guidance and support throughout the training session. His step-by-step instructions allowed them to actively participate, follow along, and write UCSs on their own computers. This personalized learning experience enhanced their confidence in utilizing UCSs effectively.

“The positive feedback from attendees confirms the effectiveness of our advanced Cabinet Vision training session,” said Christopher Manclière. “The emphasis on practical training and interactive exercises allowed participants to deeply understand the software’s most complex capabilities and apply the knowledge they’ll take back to their shops.”

For more information about upcoming training sessions, please visit the following page: Seminars.

Cabinet Vision Training Session On Cnc Machinery

Planit is a leading provider of woodworking software solutions whose mission is to offer powerful tools & services that promote creativity, productivity and profitability so that all Canadian woodworkers can get back to the business of making beautiful things, enjoying their lives, and loving their families. Our solutions include CABINET VISION, a leading custom cabinet design software, WEB-CAB and VORTEX Spaces.

More About SCM

SCM Canada offers a wide range of CNC machining centers, responding to the evolving requirements of the furniture and building industry. Quality, technology, productivity and flexibility are the characteristics of SCM cnc woodworking machines, in order to guarantee high production standards in short times.

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