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Get Out And Play!

Get out and play!

By Planit Canada President, Peter Mate

In Quebec, we have an annual construction holiday. It’s usually the last 2 weeks in July, and there are certainly pros and cons to an entire industry taking the same two weeks off every year, but there’s no denying that construction workers need a break, too. Some businesses are seasonal. You work harder than normal during the peak season, then you take it easier during the off season.

I used to work at a pool store. I sure know what the seasonal rush is like. You have a shorter period to make your numbers for the year. You roll up your sleeves and you do it.

In a lot of our businesses, we might have a slight high season, but for the most part, every season is busy in woodworking. That’s great, but it also dissuades people from taking a break or taking time for themselves.

I made a conscious decision, that I wanted to take more time for myself and enjoy life a little more than I had in the past. I also wanted to get into a better lifestyle and be more active. There are just too few hours in a day and each day can easily slip away.

I joined the local golf club and started playing more often and walking. 18 holes is about 13,000 to 15,000 steps. You can imagine how good I feel by the time I sit at my desk in the morning having all those steps and fresh air under my belt.

I also started cycling more to my destinations. Had a BBQ at my sister in law’s place that’s 27km away. I rode my bicycle and my wife and kids met me there. A few weeks ago my wife and I spent the night in hotel downtown and went out for dinner. We cycled there and then back the next day for a decent 125 km. We could have driven, but the ride was beautiful, and we earned our wine and dinner that night.

It’s important for the company leaders to set the example, to show the team that it’s OK. If the boss goes for a run during the day or squeezes in a workout at lunch, then others will be encouraged to do something for themselves, too. Now get out and play!

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