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King Slide Hardware Now Available For  CABINET VISION

King Slide Hardware Now Available for CABINET VISION

Marathon Hardware and Planit Canada collaborate to make King Slide’s SIMLEAD and ULead Hardware available for CABINET VISION software.

With the newly available free downloadable package, designers and engineers can drop their favourite King Slide hardware into CABINET VISION drawings, change cabinet door and drawer dimensions and enjoy watching the drilling operations and material summary update automatically for error-free machining and costing.

Included in the install package are the King Slide Hinges, Ball Bearing Slides, and range of Frameless and Face Frame slides with push open / soft close / tilt / 4-way adjustment features. King Slide makes the Push Open + Soft Close feature with a whole new non-electric mechanical design that provides easy, whisper-quiet, push-to-open and gentle soft-closing motion without using electrical power. The SIMLEAD and ULead undermount push open and soft close slides are the best-in-class heroes behind the scenes for creating high quality home living with maximum design versatility. The concealed drawer design ensures the perfect surfaces of your cabinetry.

“Everything you need to start using your King Slide hardware. Just install the packages, select the King Slide hardware you want to use in your job properties, and you are good to go!”
– Michele Hoy, Planit Canada Partner and owner of Clear Build Solutions

King Slide Hardware is distributed in Canada by Marathon Hardware. “We are enjoying tremendous success with King Slide’s products. The quality design, reliability and innovative thought that goes into each King Slide product has allowed our sales team to promote their brand with extreme confidence. As well, the exceptional support provided by the King Slide team has led to a solid partnership built on trust and has created a synergy between our brands that will only continue to strengthen.” – David Volpe, President, Marathon Hardware

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