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Planit Canada Presents ALPHACAM: The CAM Powerhouse For The Woodworking Industry

Planit Canada Presents ALPHACAM: The CAM Powerhouse for the Woodworking Industry

Pioneering the software landscape for the woodworking industry, Planit Canada is excited to announce the addition of ALPHACAM CAM software to its portfolio. In line with our mission of empowering woodworkers with top-tier technology, ALPHACAM is engineered to be both robust and user-friendly, capable of managing an expansive array of manufacturing applications. Discover ALPHACAM, one of our many innovative software solutions tailored to the woodworking industry.


ALPHACAM is a leading computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software specially designed for the wood, stone and metal industries. This software bridges the gap between design and production, facilitating the programming of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines. It is renowned for its versatility, handling tasks ranging from simple 2D machining to complex 5-axis operations. Its intuitive interface, combined with regular updates, enables manufacturers to efficiently and accurately transform their designs into tangible products.

ALPHACAM’s Edge in Woodworking

  • Unsurpassed Precision: Renowned for its superior algorithms, ALPHACAM ensures woodworking projects are executed with unmatched precision. The end result? Fewer mistakes and reduced modifications, leading to enhanced quality and productivity.
  • Simplified Workflow: Navigate complex woodworking tasks effortlessly with ALPHACAM’s intuitive interface, which simplifies CNC machine programming, trims down setup times, and amplifies productivity.
  • Woodworker-Friendly Design: ALPHACAM is not just any tool; it’s crafted keeping the woodworking professional in mind. Expect features that simplify intricate designs, detailed carvings, and advanced joinery.
  • Seamless Integration: ALPHACAM seamlessly integrates with a variety of CNC woodworking machines, optimizing compatibility and ease of use.
  • Cost-Efficiency: ALPHACAM’s optimal toolpaths and material usage mean minimal waste and reduced production overheads.
  • Dedicated Woodworking Support: Planit Canada provides unwavering support and resources tailored to the woodworking industry, ensuring woodworking professionals have the assistance they need.

Tailored Solutions

As part of this expansion, Planit Canada is introducing five specialized solutions tailored to the unique needs of some of our clients.

  1. MDF Doors Solution: Designed for MDF door manufacturers, this solution provides specific tools and features to streamline and improve the production of MDF door components.
  2. Starter Solution: This solution is ideal for small workshops and those who are new to woodworking software. It includes essential features and support to help you get started on your woodworking projects.
  3. CV Extension Solution: Designed specifically for CABINET VISION users, this solution enables custom/advanced CNC machining for precise and intricate custom millwork.
  4. CAD2CAM Solution: This solution allows you to seamlessly transition from design to production by establishing a direct link between your design software and ALPHACAM for an efficient workflow.
  5. Solid Wood Solution: Designed for the manufacture of solid wood components, this solution provides the tools required to produce high-quality solid wood products.

“We are thrilled to bring ALPHACAM into our product lineup, offering a robust solution tailored to the unique needs of woodworking professionals. This expansion underscores our commitment to helping woodworkers elevate their craft and productivity. With our customized solutions, we are providing our clients with the flexibility and tailored support they need,” said Peter Mate, President at Planit Canada.” – Peter Mate, President at Planit Canada

For more information about this new software addition for the woodworking industry, please visit our dedicated page to ALPHACAM’s features and customized solutions.

ALPHACAM Ac Positional Xl 1
ALPHACAM X Simutaneous
ALPHACAM Ac Core Xl 3ALPHACAM Ac Positional Xl 1ALPHACAM X NestingALPHACAM X SimutaneousALPHACAM X Solids 2ALPHACAM X Solids

Looking for a CAM solution for your woodworking business?

Discover Planit Canada, your go-to destination for top-tier woodworking and CNC cabinet design software. We specialize in innovations tailored just for the woodworking sector with a suite of dedicated software products designed to streamline and optimize your manufacturing processes. Let’s elevate your woodworking game together!

Would you like to know more about how ALPHACAM can improve your manufacturing processes?

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