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CABINET VISION Seminars Empower Attendees With Essential Software Skills

CABINET VISION Seminars Empower Attendees with Essential Software Skills

Mississauga, June 27 – As a leading provider of software solutions for the woodworking industry, Planit hosted a series of successful CABINET VISION Training Seminars at Biesse in Mississauga from June 6 to 8, 2023. The three-day event attracted designers and engineers seeking to enhance their skills and maximize efficiency using CABINET VISION, a custom cabinet and custom closet design software.

Tailor-made for participants with varying levels of expertise, the seminars offered comprehensive training on different aspects of CABINET VISION. Each day of the seminar covered distinct topics, catering to the diverse requirements of participants:


The first day focused on equipping new users with CABINET VISION fundamental knowledge while serving as a refresher for existing users. Attendees gained proficiency in various aspects, including understanding the levels of solid, system preferences, material management, door styling, and more. The day concluded with a comprehensive overview of building a job, covering essential elements like walls, cabinets, countertops, and moulding.

Day 2: CABINET VISION Designer Training

Designed for new and experienced designers, the second day delved into kitchen design and customization. Using Core Cabinet, the custom cabinet component of CABINET VISION software, participants learned how to add cabinets, appliances, flooring, countertops, and mouldings to create a complete kitchen layout. Additionally, they explored the creation of custom cabinet configurations, 3D rendering, layer customization, and CAD tools for generating elevation and floor plans. The day concluded with an exploration of 3D rendering capabilities, with a special presentation by Jonathan Blackburn, Planit partner at VORTEK Spaces.

Planit Cabinet Vision Seminars At Biesse In Ontario 2

Day 3: CABINET VISION Advanced

The final day was tailored for experienced users seeking advanced skills and techniques. Topics covered included the nine basic parameters, object tree manipulation, object intelligence and attributes, library parts with intelligence, introduction to UCS (User Created Standards), and operations using UCS. Attendees gained invaluable insights into streamlining their workflow and optimizing the use of CABINET VISION’s advanced features.

Throughout the training seminars, attendees expressed their appreciation for the depth and relevance of the content covered. Some highlights from participant feedback include:

“Insight into specific modifications of cabinetry components was highly valuable.”

“The comprehensive training allowed me to learn a lot despite having limited prior knowledge.”

“The detailed drawings and specific measurements provided immense value for my work.”

“The application of attributes and parameters will greatly streamline our sales representatives’ workflow.”

“The introduction to UCS was particularly useful and applicable to my work.”

Planit remains committed to providing industry professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to leverage CABINET VISION effectively. By offering tailored training programs, in collaboration with top machining partners, Planit continues to empower woodworking professionals, helping them unlock their full potential and achieve greater success.

For more information about CABINET VISION and upcoming training opportunities, please visit our Seminars page or contact

About Biesse

Biesse Wood offers integrated lines and machines for the machining of wood in the furniture and door/window industries.

About Planit

Planit is a leading provider of cabinet shop software programs whose mission is to offer powerful tools & services that promote creativity, productivity and profitability so that all Canadian woodworkers can get back to the business of making beautiful things, enjoying their lives, and loving their families.

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