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Planit Canada And Mikon Machinery Collaborate To Deliver Highly Successful Real-World Training Event

Planit Canada and Mikon Machinery Collaborate to Deliver Highly Successful Real-World Training Event

Vaughan, May 9, 2023 – Planit Canada, a leading provider of software solutions for the woodworking and manufacturing industry, is excited to announce the outstanding success of its recent Real-World Training event held in collaboration with valued partner Mikon. The event garnered exceptional participant feedback, highlighting the companies’ commitment to empowering CNC operators and industry professionals with cutting-edge knowledge and skills.

The Real-World Training event featured the expertise of Christopher Mancliere, Senior Software Specialist at Planit Canada. Throughout the sessions, Chris demonstrated how Cabinet Vision, the proven software solution for woodworking design and manufacturing, running with Mikon’s robust MultiCam CNC routers, can solve real manufacturing challenges.

Attendees expressed their thanks for the day and shared their positive feedback:

“It was a great learning experience for our CNC operators and myself. Chris has done a great job showing us the Cabinet Vision capabilities, patiently walking us through various processes.”

“Thank you for a great training event. We greatly appreciate the hospitality yesterday as well as the informative teachings of the event.”

“The day was great overall, but seeing the live demonstration widened the discussion of key topics and allowed for a deeper understanding.”

The overwhelmingly positive response from participants reaffirms both Planit and Mikon’s dedication to delivering high-quality training and ensuring customer satisfaction.

“Planit and Mikon take great pride in equipping woodworking professionals with the skills and knowledge required to excel in their craft.” – Amanda Gay, Marketing Manager at Planit

Planit Canada And Mikon Machinery Real World Training Event 2

To learn more about the Real-World Training Series, please visit the following page: Seminars. Join Planit Canada and Mikon Machinery in embracing excellence and becoming part of the #BeAwesome community.

About Mikon

Mikon Machinery, a leading distributor of precision CNC cutting systems, is celebrating its 50th anniversary of operation. Mikon takes a consultative approach to match CNC cutting systems with manufacturing goals, supporting growth both in productivity and profitability. In the manufacturing industry, Mikon has been distributing the MultiCam CNC routers and cutting systems since 1994, while continually expanding its range of equipment, service, support, parts and consumables to meet the changing needs of the industry. To explore their extensive assortment, visit

About Planit Canada

Planit Canada is a leading provider of software solutions for the woodworking and manufacturing industry. With a focus on innovative technology and exceptional customer service, we empower businesses to streamline their operations, enhance productivity, and achieve greater success. Our company’s flagship product, CABINET VISION, is renowned for its advanced design and manufacturing capabilities, helping clients transform their visions into reality.

Would you like to know more about how CABINET VISION can improve your processes?

Learn more about CABINET VISION here.

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