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Our Quebec Team Has Grown

Our Quebec Team Has Grown

We are excited to formally introduce Desi Teixeira as the newest member of our Québec and Maritimes Planit Canada Sales Team!

You may have shaken hands (pre-COVID) with Jean Bakhache in your shop, or been on the line with Arielle Fischer a few times, so we’re thrilled to announce that we have added a new key player to this dream team to better serve the needs of our clients in Quebec and the Atlantic provinces. Desi Teixeira, a former Sales Representative at Cuisine Beaucage, with earlier experience at Richelieu Hardware, has recently joined the Planit Canada Québec-based Sales Team to serve the Eastern part of the province, as well as the Maritimes.

Desi Teixera loves to dive deep into conversations about maximizing efficiency in the shop, using software to tackle labor issues, and brainstorming ways manufacturers can grow better and faster. His passion for kitchens and millwork stems from the people who create them; the artistic culture and the avant-garde spirit that make our industry inspiring and innovative.

The story of how we met Desi, is one that reminds us of the surprise benefits of sharing your company values with a wide audience. Desi first reached out to Peter Mate, President of Planit Canada, after stumbling across a Labor Day video we had published on LinkedIn. In the video, Peter encourages employers and employees to take the long weekend to learn something new and spend time doing something they love. To read that book they’d always wanted to or get started on that goal they’d been meaning to make time for. This sparked a conversation about the book Purple Cow by Seth Godin in the comments, which happens to be a book that Peter highly recommends!

We keep a copy of Purple Cow at the office, and Desi just recently picked it up to give it a read. Who knew that a book recommendation and a LinkedIn video would lead to an awesome new consultant?

More About Our Quebec & Atlantic Provinces Team

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Jean Bakhache

 Jean has been on the Planit Canada team for just over 5 years, and was, from the beginning of his time in this industry, fascinated by the love and involvement within our community. Jean loves to visit his clients and attend industry events, and is always up to starting important conversations, and having a few laughs while he’s at it. Jean is passionate about selling a great software to an amazing industry.

It has been an honor to be involved with helping so many passionate people thrive, grow, and have a lot of laughs…

– Jean Bakhache

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Arielle Fischer

 As your Inside Sales Consultant, Arielle is always able to take your call. Working from the office, she has access to your account information and can help with day-to-day questions and can help connect you with our other departments. Arielle has worked at Planit Canada for just short of 2 years and has a passion for the human connection that goes alongside selling an awesome product. She is grateful to work within an awesome team of mentors at Planit Canada that have inspired her to grow professionally and have been an important support system for her.

I want to offer the best customer service possible and create that special connection with my clients. I try to treat people the way that I would want to be treated, with tender loving care.

-Arielle Fischer

Desi Teixeira

Desi Teixeira

A father to two daughters, Desi loves playing softball and hitting the golf course. Desi genuinely enjoys interacting with manufacturers and having important discussions. He’s looking forward to safely visiting your shop to learn about your goals and challenges.

I love interacting with my clients and having discussions about important topics in our industry. The people that make up the woodworking community are so creative and avant-gardist, that it always sparks such passionate and innovative conversations.

– Desi Teixeira

Would you like to connect with our Quebec sales team?

We’re always available to help.

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