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Call Of Duty? – Cabinet Vision Makes It A Pleasure

Call Of Duty? – Cabinet Vision Makes It A Pleasure

When duty calls for John Dunne, owner of Mother Hubbards Cupboards, to design a new kitchen, he says it’s a pleasure and not a chore, thanks to Cabinet Vision.

Designing bespoke kitchens for individual customers in and around Leeds, John Dunne finds it ideal for his popular lay-on, modular system. And he says it is the only CAD software he has come across that can handle his speciality – a traditional frame system.
“Some people play computer games such as Call Of Duty for leisure, as a past-time. I have Cabinet Vision – that’s gaming for me.”

John Dunne, Owner

Cabinet Vision is able to create the frames as one continuous run of bespoke units, as opposed to the modular system where all the separate units butt together. “Before installing Cabinet Vision I had to physically draw my frame system designs using pencil and paper on an old-fashioned drawing board. No other software could do it.”

CV Mother Hubbard Thumbnail 275
CV Mother Hubbard Thumbnail 275
John Dunne
Modular System
CV Mother Hubbard Thumbnail 275DSCF1170DSCF1171John Dunne Modular System

Even curved frames incorporating the front and side of the cabinet can be handled with ease by Cabinet Vision. “I call it a traditional frame because this is how cabinets used to look in the old days, before the advent of modular systems. I first saw a skilled joiner in Ireland use this traditional structure, creating cabinets by hand, and I thought they looked so much better than the lay-on modular cabinets.”

He says another of Cabinet Vision’s great strengths is not only its perfect 3D rendered image of the design, but its ability to show the engineering behind the kitchen, with the wire frame view detailing exactly how everything is put together. “Many kitchen design systems seem more geared towards presentation than technical substance, but I find this software’s constructional detail to be particularly valuable.

“It will also give me the sizes of housings for the standard drawers, tool and pan containers and storage boxes, along with housings for ovens and microwaves.” As he became more confident with using Cabinet Vision he found he was re-honing his drawing skills and becoming a better designer. “And that’s after 14 years experience on a traditional drawing board. It allows me to ‘go into’ each cabinet and literally re-invent its properties. I can customise its dimensions, composition and functionality.

“As a design tool, I’ve found that Cabinet Vision has an almost molecular grasp of detail and an ability to re-jig and move that detail around as required.” Which is a vital aspect for every kitchen produced by Mother Hubbards Cupboards. “The bespoke element of my work means everything comes down to detail, and I frequently need a cabinet that’s 1mm or 2mm above or below a normal size.” Because the software allows him to readily design such bespoke cabinets, he is able to use standard timber doors. “With standard doors I need greater flexibility in the cabinets to compensate. And, as a technophobe, even my limited knowledge of the software means I’ve been able to take my business to another level.”

Regarding his own cabinetry, he says nothing is off the shelf, unless he puts it there. “I’ve built my own library, which helps to enhance the overall design process of each individual kitchen.”

Whether customers choose the modular kitchen or the high end traditional frame system, they always experience what he calls an ‘eureka’ moment when he shows them the 3D image of how it will look in situ.

Summing up, he says the software gives him a feeling of positivity and confidence, lightening the workload because he now regards designing as a pleasure, rather than work. “Cabinet Vision provides a win, win, situation – I love the designing side of the business, and it’s the closest customers will see what their kitchen’s going to be like without it actually being there.”

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About the Company
Name: Mother Hubbards Cupboards

Business: Bespoke Kitchen Designer

Benefits Achieved

  • Wire frame view details exactly how everything is put together.
  • Can customise dimensions, composition and functionality.
  • Ability to re-jig and move detail in the designs around as required.


“Cabinet Vision provides a win, win, situation – I love the designing side of the business, and it’s the closest customers will see what their kitchen’s going to be like without it actually being there.”

John Dunne, Owner

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