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Tech Support Or IT – What’s The Difference And Why You Should Care

Tech Support or IT – What’s the difference and why you should care

How to make the most of your systems by understanding where IT leaves off and Tech Support takes over.

For a smaller shop getting into automation, there can be a sudden and overwhelming increase in the amount of technology that you, as an owner, have to manage. As if the new machine weren’t enough, you’re probably contending with new computers, new software, new processes, training – and all these come with new vendors and new relationships. Knowing who does what when an error message pops up can go a long way towards reducing the stress of problem solving and the time it takes to troubleshoot.

So, is there a difference between Information Technology (IT) and Software Technical Support?  And can’t these computer geeks just get it done? The answer is yes, there is a difference! However, those nerds have totally different specializations. The good news is, they can work together to make everything work the way you want it to.

Software Technical Support vs. Information Technology (IT)

Firstly, who’s who? Our team of genius techs are specialists in the software we resell – we do Technical Support and offer software-related services.  IT – sadly, that’s not us.  An IT department can either be someone you hire internally or an outside consultant.  They know about hardware and the operating systems (OS) that run them.

To distinguish the two, here are some of the respective tasks for both roles:

Software Technical Support Information Technology (IT)
Error Messages Hardware: mouse, audio, display
Program Launch Failure Operating system: Windows, iOS
CABINET VISION Trainings Networking
Software Crashes Security Permissions
License Access Domains to turn off anti-virus programs

Working Together

Getting yourself set up for success is a big part of the job. Although IT and Technical support do have distinct roles, they can work together in order to make sure you are set up to get your machines and your computers talking to each other.

IT installs the OS and sets up the computers to be functional, stand-alone devices. Subsequently, Planit Canada comes in and installs the software on these devices.  At that point, our goal is to make sure you can draw rectangles and then cut rectangles.

A common hiccup in the software installation process occurs when IT has put permissions or anti-virus programs in place. These programs are great, and your IT person was right to do so. What they might not have known was that these might bypass the software setup and cause issues that our team don’t have access to fix. The solution is simple – let your IT person know when we’re doing the install, so they can quickly come in to make any on-the spot changes needed so that our guys can get your software up and running. We’ve created a list of things you can do ahead of the install to avoid these roadblocks. (Read on.)


80% of installations go without issues; most of the issues come from permissions.

-Jenny Walker, Planit Canada Service Manager

Internal IT vs. Outside Consultants

We know that having an internal IT department isn’t always a viable solution for shop owners. However, there are definitely many pros to having an internal IT delegate who is on hands at all times for support, fast problem solving, as well as guidance in making the best automation decisions for your shop.

When you have someone in IT, you know there will always be someone on deck to help. Working with an outside IT consultant can be more cost-effective but may result in delays while you wait for their availability. Again, planning ahead and communicating timelines to your suppliers will help with this.

In either case, your IT professional is your hardware guru. They know your shop and your systems inside out and can troubleshoot drivers, set up permissions based on their knowledge of your processes, and plan for future equipment purchases. We, on the other hand, are your CABINET VISION pros. We live, eat and breathe those error messages and know how to fix it when your drilling holes aren’t lining up properly, your report is acting screwy, or the labels are just wrong. We can help you push the limits of how you use the software, so that your team works at peak efficiency. We can do hours of software customization work so your engineers don’t have to – and you can go home to your family at the end of the day.

Preparing for Your Technical Support Visit

To ensure that you get the most out of your visit with our Planit Canada Technicians, here’s a short list of items that your IT department can check off before hand:

  1. Know the minimum system requirements and server recommendations ahead of time, to save time.
  2. Ensure that your server is functional and set up with the proper permissions for the users involved.
  3. Install the OS on the workstation.
  4. Have the newest Windows Updates already in place.
  5. Download the install media from the Hexagon Customer Portal.
  6. Know ahead of time that the server will have to be rebooted and make sure everyone expects it.

Give that list to your IT brain and let them know they can ask us for anything they need to get ready for the install. Handling all these changes in your shop can be overwhelming but knowing who’s on your team can help. We’re here for you and looking forward to working with you on your next big step.

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